Cyclist Feng Chun-kai Qualifies for Tokyo Olympics|台將進軍東奧 已取得6種類.共20席資格

The International Cycling Union issued a release confirming that cyclist Feng Chun-kai has qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics cycling road race. As of press time, Chinese Taipei has secured a place in 20 events in six sports in Tokyo.

Cyclist Feng Chun-kai finished third at the 2019 Asian Road Championships in April. Originally from Taiwan, Feng competes professionally for UCI WorldTeam cycling team Bahrain-Merida.

We are not only competing for ourselves. We are competing for the people of Taiwan.

On the 19th, the International Cycling Union announced Feng has qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics cycling road race. Taiwan's Sports Administration says Feng performed well in the points race at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and this is a major achievement for him.

This was the best performance in almost 10 years, and he finished third. Since Kazakhstan (qualified) by virtue of its place in the world rankings, he qualified by finishing in the top two (excluding Kazakhstan) at the Asian Road Cycling Championships. This is evidence of how good he is.

Feng, who is currently in competition in Fuzhou, shared his joy on his Facebook fan page. He said he is calmer this time than last time, and he will study the cycling route so he can finish the race this time.

Feng's cycling team also said the degree of difficulty of the Tokyo OIympics cycling route is very high.

(The route), which circles Mount Fuji, is 234 kilometers long with a total elevation of over 4,800 meters. You can imagine how tough it is.

So far, Chinese Taipei athletes have qualified for 20 events in six sports, including shooting, track and field, archery, swimming, gymnastics and cycling. Additional spots in Tokyo may come through competitions next month and intercontinental qualifiers next year.


自由車選手 馮俊凱(108.04.28.)表示:「我們不只是騎我們自己,我們是為台灣人而騎。」

國際自由車協會發布訊息確認,馮俊凱以亞錦賽成績,取得2020東京奧運男子公路賽參賽資格,體育署指出,馮俊凱 2008年北京奧運曾出賽領先計分賽,這次在公路賽達標,相當不容易。

體育署競技組長 洪志昌表示:「創造出近十年最佳的成績,然後拿到第三名,哈薩克是因為國家的排名(取得資格),他就順勢再變成亞錦賽的前兩名,取得資格,我想這是證明他的實力。」


巴林美利達車隊公關 陳有賦表示:「總共有234公里,然後裡面的爬坡,超過4800公尺,所以你可以想像,他就是一直在爬坡起伏的過程當中,包含在富士山周邊的路線。」