TPP Postpones Release of At-large Legislator List|不分區也喬不攏? 民眾黨原訂上午公布喊卡

The Taiwan People's Party has canceled plans to release its list of at-large legislator candidates on Nov. 15 and says it will make an announcement later on. Are there changes being made? There is a lot of speculation from outsiders. At the same time, there are reports that the Shin Kong Group's Cynthia Wu is a new inclusion on the list. TPP Chair and Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je was asked about the reports and did not say much beyond that he hopes the first name on the list can still be Taipei City Department of Labor Commissioner Lai Hsiang-lin.

The Taiwan People's Party has postponed the release of its at-large legislator candidate list. Asked about this during a public appearance on the 15th, Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je said more time is needed to finalize the list.

The list is pretty much set, but we still have to follow procedure. Our central standing committee has to meet and everyone has to officially sign the documents. (Do you still want Lai Hsiang-lin at the top of the list?) That has not changed, at least as of now.

Ko also said he wants Taipei City Labor Commissioner Lai Hsiang-lin on the top of the list. According to reports, Lai heads the TPP's list followed by scholar Jang Chyi-lu, Hook Tea founder Chan Hsiang-chin and Terry Gou campaign aide Ann Kao. There are also rumors Ko wants the Shin Kong Group's Cynthia Wu on the list at seventh or ninth. Asked about this, Ko declined comment.

You'll find out when the announcement is made. What are you so nervous about? (Are there people in the party upset about Terry Gou betting on both sides?) (Could Ann Kao's place on the list change?) No. We live up to our word. We have integrity. (Is there or is there not anyone in the party upset over this?) Every day in this world, there are people who are upset.

As the TPP made a show of holding an at-large legislator cattle call, many are wondering why there are very few cattle call candidates on the "safe section" of the party's reported candidate list. In response, Ko says there is no set definition of "safe." With a number of minority parties taking part in the election, it is hard to predict how things will shake out.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「雖然那些名次名單大致底定了,但是還是要照程序,中央委員要開會,大家簽字,這樣比較符合正式程序。(你的立場還是會力挺賴香伶第一嗎?)至少到現在沒有變。」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「反正公布你就知道了,緊張什麼。(黨內不滿郭台銘兩邊押寶,可能會調整高虹安的排序嗎?) 不會啦!我們都講話算話的, 正直誠信。(到底黨內有沒有不滿這件事情?) 每天這個世界上,每天都有不滿的聲音。」