Chinese Taipei Crushes S. Korea in WBSC Premier12 Super Round|張奕好投+打擊發揮 中華隊7:0完封韓國

Chinese Taipei played its second game in the World Baseball Softball Confederation Premier12 tournament's super round on Nov. 12. This game against South Korea was a must-win, as qualification for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo hinged on it. Chinese Taipei's players performed brilliantly, with starting pitcher Chang Yi not giving up a single run in the 6.2 innings he pitched and Chen Chun-hsiu hitting a home run that resulted in three points. The final score was 7 to 0.

There were runners on second and third in the bottom of the first. However, pitcher Chang Yi was able to strike out the batter to end the inning and send a message to his teammates that he wasn't going to allow any South Korean batters to reach home. Chinese Taipei had performed poorly in its two previous games against Japan and Mexico, forcing the team to adjust its batting order for its World Baseball Softball Confederation Premier12 tournament's super round game against South Korea. The adjustments worked.

In the top of the second, Wang Wei-chen singled up the middle, and then Kao Yu-chieh, who was ninth in the batting order, doubled to left center. Wang scored, giving Chinese Taipei its first point.

Hu Chin-long then singled to left field, and Kao scored, increasing the lead to 2 to 0.

In the top of the fourth, Chinese Taipei's batters continued on their hot streak. Wang Sheng-wei singled to center field, giving Chinese Taipei its third point.

However, the team was not done yet. In the seventh inning, a home run sent fans wild.

Chen Chun-hsiu homered to deep left center off of a 147-kilometer pitch from South Korean pitcher Won Jong-hyan. The play resulted in three points, giving Chinese Taipei a commanding 6 to 0 lead. In the top of the ninth, Chinese Taipei added another point, vanquishing South Korea 7 to 0. This was also the first time Chinese Taipei had shut out South Korea in a class A international tournament since professional players were allowed to play in international tournaments in 1998. This was also its largest winning margin ever over South Korea. After the game, Chinese Taipei manager Hong I-chung said the victory was not a fluke.

Everyone thought that South Korea was somewhat arrogant, so they went in with a fighting spirit. They really wanted to beat South Korea. They achieved that today, but like I just said, it wasn't a fluke. The offense and defense both outperformed South Korea. I'm very happy that the players performed so perfectly today.

Starting pitcher Chang Yi's brilliant performance was a pivotal part of the victory. In the first round game against Venezuela, he pitched 102 balls in seven innings, setting a personal best. He pitched 6.2 innings against South Korea without giving up a single run. Hong said he thought about subbing out Chang in the fifth after he had pitched 91 balls, but Chang told him he was feeling fine so he allowed him to continue.

It wasn't that I felt powerful, it was just that I felt like I could continue pitching. I didn't want to end up regretting going off if I could continue.

Chinese Taipei's win against South Korea and the United States' 4-3 victory over Japan threw the super round standings into disarray. Chinese Taipei presently has a 1-2 record and will face the U.S. on Nov. 15 and Australia on Nov. 16. Chinese Taipei will need to finish with a better record than South Korea and Australia in order to qualify in advance for the 2020 Summer Olympics, so these next two games are extremely important if it wants to finish in the top four.

一局下半 二三壘有人,張奕用三振化解危機,就是告訴隊友不會讓韓國打者有回到本壘的機會。一掃對日本還有墨西哥貧打,中華隊調整打序,打擊火力也在這一場大爆發。

二局上半 先由王威晨這一記安打開始,接著九棒高宇杰這支深遠的左外野2壘安打,讓中華隊先馳得點。




陳俊秀逮住韓國後援投手元鐘玄旋147公里偏高失投球,大棒一揮掃出左外野3分全壘打,奠定勝基。贏球氣勢 ,一直持續到了九局上半,中華隊再添一分。以7:0完封韓國隊,這是1998年開放職棒球員打國際賽以來,中華隊第一次在一級賽事完封韓國全職業明星隊,而且也是贏球比分最大的一次,賽後中華隊總教練洪一中說其實這一場中華隊贏得一點都不僥倖。

中華隊總教練 洪一中表示:「大家一直覺得南韓是…當然是我們說的有一點臭屁,大家選手就是有鬥志,想要一直很渴望贏韓國隊,當然今天大家也辦到了,今天是,我剛也講了,贏得一點都不僥倖,攻、攻守、攻守方,事實上都表現得比韓國隊來得優異,很高興今天選手表現得這麼的理想。」


中華隊投手 張奕表示:「不是燃燒小宇宙,只是感覺還可以再繼續丟,自己的感覺我不想後悔,早知道還可以繼續投,就不想後悔。」