PFP Leader James Soong, the Fourth Time Joins Presidential Race|2020大選 親民黨四度徵召宋楚瑜參選總統

With the presidential election approaching, the People First Party has finally decided to jump into the race. On Nov. 13, the party held a general meeting and has decided to formally announce that James Soong will be their presidential candidate. This will also be the fourth time in which Soong tries to run for the presidential seat. Soong described that this election will be the final battle of his political career. As for why he decided to run, Soong says that Foxconn founder Terry Gou's decision to drop out of the race, was key.

The election this time, is the closest to my initial intention. (Running for president) is like the movie - Avengers: Endgame. Everyone knows that James Soong is very far away from being elected. Mr. Terry Gou announced to drop out of the race, so today I especially want to thank his two spokesperson to be here today. If Mr. Terry Gou did not drop out, James wouldn't be standing here. Thank you.

Former chairperson of the United Communications Group, Sandra Yu, will run for vice president. During Soong's speech, he mentioned several times that his intended policies are very similar to that of Terry Gou. Guo's office chief executive officer Amanda Liu, vice chief executive officer Tsai Chin-yu and Taiwan People's Party's secretary-general Chang Jer-yang all attended the event to offer their blessings. Soong now acts as a third force to wager war against the pan-blue and pan-green parties.

親民黨主席 宋楚瑜表示:「這一次的選舉,是楚瑜從政初心最近的一次,(參選)像一部電影,標題叫終局之戰,大家都心知肚明,宋楚瑜距離當選,凍蒜門檻,還相當遠,郭台銘先生宣布退選,今天特別謝謝兩位發言人到這邊,如果郭台銘先生不退選,楚瑜不會站在今天這個地方,謝謝。」


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