City Councilor and Internet Celebrity Form New Political Party|網紅籌組"歡樂無法黨" 引發政壇關注

Taipei City Councilor Chiu Wei-chieh has joined hands with two internet celebrities, "Shasha 77" and "Retina", in an effort to start a new political party called "Can't Stop This Party". These three have a large following among younger internet users, and they said the reason they're forming a new party is to give happiness to the crowd. Chiu also said that he doesn't rule out the possibility of working with candidates with similar polices in next year's presidential election.

Independent Taipei City Councilor Chiu Wei-chieh, who is also known as "Froggy" on the Internet, along with YouTube celebrity "Shasha 77", held a press conference on the afternoon of November 6 to announce the establishment of their new political party. They said they have handed in their official application to the Ministry of Interior and they anticipate to hold the first party meeting on November 14.

We want to make a stance at this key moment for Taiwan. We are not looking to boost the economy for the city or conquer the universe. We care about whether the public is happy, or whether they are laughing. Keep in mind that most people are having a hard time. Every time we close our eyes, we remember the teaching of our mayor in Taipei (Ko Wen-je). Therefore, we are hoping to do something with our influence.

After the group first announced their plan to establish a political party on the evening of November 5, Chiu Wei-chieh's Facebook page was flooded by netizens who wanted to sign up as party members. So far, between 600 and 700 members of the public have applied to join the party. Chiu said that the spirit of his new party is to bring happiness to every corner in Taiwan, and to bring laughter to the public. Chiu also said that the party allows its members to have membership in other political parties, and that he has asked its core party officials to prepare drinks and snacks when holding meetings. Asked about whether his party will promote candidates for legislators, Chiu said that he doesn't rule out the possibility of working with other candidates or parties with similar political aspirations.

Most political parties in Taiwan have their own strict rules. If they (member of other political parties) want to join us, we won't exclude them. But first they need to cancel their membership in other parties. We don't rule out the possibility of working with other parties or candidates with similar political aspirations. (If we join hands with other parties), we can promote our own presidential candidate (for next year's election).

Asked about his party's cross-strait policies, Chiu said that he was stigmatized in the past, and that he won't follow anyone's policies when dealing with political matters. He said he is looking to forge his own path and make the public happy.


YouTuber 志祺表示:「現在台灣這個關鍵時刻,我們想要站出來,我們不期望能夠讓城市發大財,能夠征服宇宙,但我們很在乎的是,民眾過得快不快樂,然後他們的笑容是什麼,莫忘世上苦人多,就是每當我閉上眼睛的時候,我總是會想起市長的諄諄教誨,所以我們期望能夠,運用我們自己的影響力,做一些事情。」


無黨籍台北市議員 邱威傑表示:「台灣絕大多數的政黨,其實都是剛性政黨,所以他們要加入我們的話,我們沒有排斥他,但是他們要先退出他們的政黨才可以,我們不排除,跟任何一個覺得理念相近的政黨合作,親民黨也是一個不錯的選擇,我們可以跟他共同推出這個總統候選人。」