Couple That Took In 30 Pets Accused of Animal Cruelty|情侶領養30貓狗皆失蹤 拒探視疑涉虐殺

Yet another animal abuse case has come out of Taitung. A young couple adopted close to 30 cats and dogs from netizens but refused visitations. Animal protection groups and the police went to the couple's home and found only two cats and one dog, along with a dead animal body. The couple now is being investigated for animal cruelty.

On the evening of the 5th, citizens and animal protection groups congregated outside Taitung's Baosang Police Station. Four months ago, a couple began offering to adopt pets from netizens and over the months took in 30 cats and dogs. However, the couple refused to allow any of the former owners to visit. Someone filed a police report after the couple started a crowdfunding campaign for vet bills.

(The couple) adopted around 20 pets in a short period of time. The number is still going up.

They promised us they would periodically send us photos and updates of our cat. When we asked for updates, they sent us photos of a different cat.

Police went to the couple's rental home and found a dead dog on the premises. The couple could not explain where the rest of the animals were. Another police report was filed on the 6th and police say they will investigate with the Agriculture Department.

We entered the rental home and found just two cats and one dog. We also found the remains of one dead dog.

There were animal cruelty cases reported in Taitung both last month and this month. The department says if evidence of animal cruelty is found, the couple will face up to two years in prison and a fine of NT$200,000 to NT$2 million.


想望家園愛護動物協會理事長 趙韋童表示:「陸陸續續在短期內,領養了約20隻左右,目前還在陸續增加中。」

送養人 林小姐表示:「因為他當初承諾我們說,他會定時的回覆我們,貓咪的狀況跟照片,結果沒想到我們追問,他們回覆我們的是別隻貓的照片。」


台東警分局寶桑所所長 許翰綸表示:「進入其租屋處查看,只發現有兩隻貓及一隻狗,以及發現另外一隻狗的屍體。」