Disrespecting Judicial Jurisdiction? HK Refuses Taiwan to Escort Chan |指跨境執法 港府拒絕我檢警赴港押解陳嫌

The Hong Kong government declared on the 23rd that they refuse to allow Taiwan's law enforcement to escort Chan Tong-kai back to Taiwan and said such request is a disrespect for Hong Kong's jurisdictional power. Premier Su Tseng-chang then criticized Hong Kong for allowing the criminal to roam free, and emphasized that if Hong Kong won't deal with it, Taiwan will.

The case of Chan Tong-kai has sparked a political wrestle between Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Mainland Affairs Council had requested to send officers to Hong Kong to escort Chan to Taiwan on the 22nd, but was rejected by the Hong Kong Government the next morning. The government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) said they saw it as a cross-jurisdiction law enforcement, which is a disrespect for Hong Kong's jurisdictional power and is totally unacceptable. In response, Executive Yuan Premier Su Tseng-chang criticized Hong Kong for allowing the criminal to roam free, and said that as soon as Chan sets foot in Taiwan, he will be arrested.

We want to send police to escort him back, but the Hong Kong government refuses, so we think that if Hong Kong doesn't deal with it, Taiwan will deal with it. So as soon as he enters Taiwan, we will arrest him. As long as he is in our country, we will arrest him and put him behind bars.

Su said Taiwan has never given up its judicial jurisdiction and a special cross-departmental task force has been set up a long time ago to deal with the case. As for whether Chan is allowed to surrender himself to the Taiwanese authorities, Minister of the Interior Hsu Kuo-yung said that Taiwan did not refuse, but Chan needs to apply for a visa at the counter. Furthermore, there would be safety concerns for the flight that Chan takes, as he is a murderer.

Is he visiting for business? For vacation? No. So he can come, but he needs to apply for a visa at our counter. So we didn't refuse to let him enter, so why would there be such interpretation? The HKSAR government are manipulating information, that's why some of us are not sure what's going on and are following what they say. But that means these people are been used.

In response to Hong Kong's refusal for allowing Taiwan to send escorts, The Mainland Affairs Council issued a statement with six points. It said that Hong Kong deliberately gave up its jurisdictional power and delayed time on purpose such that the suspect became wanted and can no longer turn himself in. It also said that Hong Kong wrongfully released Chan and that has made Hong Kong into a criminal haven where murderers are able to walk free. It also earnestly admonishes the Hong Kong government to bear all the consequences.


行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「讓我們派警察過去把他押回來,不過香港政府也拒絕,那現在我們認為,香港不辦,台灣辦,所以只要一入國門,我們一定抓起來,只要在我們國境,我們一定逮捕歸案。」


內政部長 徐國勇表示:「他會是商務,會是觀光嗎?也不是嘛!所以他可以來,但是要去到我們的臨櫃,去申請簽證,所以我們並沒有拒絕入境,所以為什麼做這種解讀呢?港府在做這些操作,那為什麼我們這些人有一些不了解的狀況,也跟著港府講這些話,這樣子等於是被他們利用。」

而對於港府拒絕我方赴港帶回陳同佳及證據,陸委會上午發表6點嚴正聲明,回擊表示港府故意放棄管轄權,刻意拖延時間,嫌犯被通緝,即不符合自首條件,現在縱放陳嫌,讓香港成為殺人犯可以到處行走的罪犯天堂,令人匪夷所思。要正告港府 ,一切惡果,都應由港府承擔。