There is Only the Issue of Arrest, Not Surrender: President Tsai|陳同佳今出獄 總統:只有逮捕.無自首問題

Chan Tong-kai was released from jail in Hong Kong and much attention has been gathered around whether he will surrender himself to the Taiwanese Authorities. In response, President Tsai Ing-wen said if Hong Kong chooses to avoid its responsibility, the Republic of China will deal with it.

Since the Hong Kong government is unwilling to execute its jurisdictional rights to find justice for the Hong Kong people, this issue will be handled by the Republic of China, Taiwan will handle it. He is a wanted criminal, there is only the issue of arrest, and not surrender.

As the murder suspect Chan Tong-kai was released in Hong Kong on the 23rd, Tsai reiterated that there is only the issue of arrest, not surrender. She also said that all the government's actions are to promote judicial justice and sovereignty, and calls on the Hong Kong government to cease avoiding its responsibilities.

總統 蔡英文表示:「既然香港政府,不願意行使管轄權,替受害的香港人伸張正義的話,這件事情就由我們中華民國,我們台灣來處理,他是一個受通緝的兇嫌,只有逮捕,沒有自首的問題。」