Su Chen-Ching to Run for Lawmaker, Ditches DPP?|未列不分區安全名單 蘇震清喊自行參選

It's been rumored that Su Chen-ching, the nephew of Legislative Yuan Speaker Su Jia-chyuan, does not rule out the possibility of running for legislator at large on an individual basis after he was not listed as a candidate by his party, the ruling DPP. It's also rumored that Su Jia-chyuan has since shown support to his nephew's decision and boycotted a meeting of the party's central executive committee, which was originally scheduled on Oct. 16. DPP Chairperson Cho Jung-tai said that he has decided to tolerate for the moment, but he believes it is unwise to have issues like this affecting the party. Su Jia-chyuan responded by saying he believes Cho is wise enough to handle the matter.

Many have asked the Legislative Yuan Speaker Su Jia-chyuan about his nephew's decision to run for legislator at large despite not being nominated by the DPP. There have also been rumors that Su has shown support for his nephew and boycotted a meeting of the party's central executive committee. Su denied the rumors and said he believes DPP Chairperson Cho Jung-tai is wise enough to handle the matter.

I don't have the authority to boycott a central executive committee meeting. Whether (my nephew) Su Chen-ching can be listed among the candidates for legislator at large, I believe (DPP Chair) Cho Jung-tai is wise enough to handle the matter.

I'll leave it to the party to clarify the matter.

Su Chen-ching revealed earlier that he was promised by DPP Chair Cho Jung-tai that he would be listed as a candidate for legislator at large and offer a seat of the electoral district to the present legislator Chung Chia-pin, fighting for his second term. Rumor has it that Su was eventually not listed as a candidate due to internal conflicts between the Su faction and the New Tide faction within the party. The change has led to a retaliatory reaction from Legislative Yuan Speaker Su Jia-chyuan, which some considers a direct challenge to President Tsai Ing-wen. DPP Chair Cho Jung-tai responded by saying that he chooses to tolerate the matter at the moment. However, Cho said it's unwise to let the conflict affect the party in the long run.

The meeting (of the central executive committee) was canceled, and yesterday Su Chen-ching said something I believe was totally unwise. They should be doing anything that threatens the party at this point in time.

There have reports that Hung Heng-chu, the wife of Su Jia-chyuan, might cancel her membership at the DPP and run for legislator in Pingtung County, fighting directly against Chung Chia-pin. Su reiterated his response by saying that he is against his wife's plan. Asked about Su Chen-ching's possible move to run for legislator as an individual candidate unrelated to the DPP, Cho Jung-tai said that Su Chia-chyuan and Premier Su Tseng-chang has reached an agreement on the matter. Cho said he will follow through with their decisions but whoever is nominated must be good candidates.


立法院長 蘇嘉全表示:「我沒有能力,而且也沒有杯葛什麼所謂的中執會,蘇震清到底能不能進入不分區的名單,我相信卓榮泰主席,他會有大智慧來處理。」

行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「這種事情,讓黨部去說明。」


民進黨主席 卓榮泰表示:「隔天卻因為流會,再來昨天又聽到蘇震清委員