National Women's League Welcomes Fight with Tsai Gov't|婦聯會決議正面迎戰 不轉型為政黨

Due to changes to the law, the National Women's League of the Republic of China is being forced to transition into a political party this year. The league held a provisional members' meeting on Oct. 16 and Chair Joanna Lei announced the results of the vote. There were nine votes for, 61 against and two invalid votes. The Ministry of the Interior says if the league doesn't transition into a political party by Dec. 7, it will abolish the organization.

The National Women's League of the Republic of China has voted against transitioning into a political party. The announcement was made by league Chair Joanna Lei.

The National Women's League commitment to patriotism, respect for the military and social services will not change. The league will not transition into a political party. In the spirit of civil disobedience, we will fight the Ministry of the Interior to the end.

Tina Pan, a member of the league's executive committee, opposes the resolution and says she will look into filing a lawsuit to take control of the league out of Lei's hands. Pan's attorney, Yeh Chin-yuan, also blasted the results of the vote on Facebook, claiming members that don't agree with Lei were not notified of the vote and stripped of their membership. Meanwhile, Lei said the league would allocate NT$120 million to establish another social welfare organization. Lei also vowed to fight the Ministry of the Interior's attempts to strip citizens of their right to political participation tooth and nail.

The government has usurped the constitution to expand its power and Taiwan will fall as a result. We are falling into an abyss of authoritarian rule. The National Women's League calls on the Democratic Progressive Party administration to stop making a mockery of democracy.

Notified of the vote results, the ministry said the league has until Dec. 7 to transition into a political party and it will abolish the organization if it fails to do so. The two sides are currently locked in a legal battle as the league is suing the Tsai administration for ordering a seizure of its assets worth $38.8 billion.


婦聯會主任委員 雷倩表示:「婦聯會將堅持其愛國敬軍,服務社會的公益宗旨,不轉型為政黨,但是我們會用公民不服從的精神,全力跟內政部,如果依政黨法處理本會,抗爭到底。」


婦聯會主任委員 雷倩表示:「更是一個僭越國家,憲政設計的擴權,會將台灣推到了威權復辟的深淵,因此婦聯會呼籲民進黨政府懸崖勒馬,不要讓民主蒙羞。」