Republic of China, Taiwan as Highest Common Factor: Ko|蔡:"中華民國台灣"最大共識 柯:最大公約數

Are there new variables in the collaboration between Terry Gou and Ko Wen-je? According to reports, Gou's camp and Ko's Taiwan People's Party plan to nominate their own candidates for legislative seats representing Miaoli and Taichung instead of teaming up. Ko says 95 percent of his collaboration with Gou is free of conflict, which is an extremely high level. He added that if everything is going to be the same, why don't they merge into one party! Meanwhile, Ko commented on Tsai's address on National Day, he said that Republic of China, Taiwan is the highest common factor.

In her National Day speech, President Tsai Ing-wen claimed that "Republic of China, Taiwan" is the overwhelming consensus of Taiwan's people. She spoke the words "Republic of China" six times in her speech. Kuomintang Chairperson Wu Den-yih says she has finally met the minimum standard, while Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je refused to grade Tsai's speech but shared that he believes this is the highest common factor in Taiwan right now.

In Mandarin, country is composed of the two characters "guo jia." "Guo" is the Republic of China, and "jia" is Taiwan. At this present stage, this appears to be the highest common factor.

Ko's Taiwan People's Party is seeking to win legislative seats in next year's general elections. The candidates will not only be competing against Kuomintang and Democratic Progressive Party candidates, but also candidates loyal to Foxconn Group founder Terry Gou. Gou is planning to nominate Chen I-hua to run for a legislative seat representing Miaoli County. The Taiwan People's Party has already nominated Chu Che-cheng. Ko and Gou are collaborating for these elections, yet they have overlapped in their nominations, showing their relationship may be changing.

If we were completely the same in everything, then we might as well merge into one party. Not even your son is so obedient, so how do you expect to be 100 percent the same with an equal partner? That's impossible.

The People First Party, which can directly nominate a presidential candidate, has not yet clarified if it will nominate Chairperson James Soong. Ko said communications with Soong are fluid, and everyone has their own position and they will continue to coordinate. It remains to be seen whether a third force will emerge ahead of the elections.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「國是中華民國,家是台灣,在現階段,這好像也是最大公約數。」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「如果完全都一樣,那就乾脆合併成一個黨就好,你兒子都沒有那麼聽你的話,你怎麼會期待說,跟你一個partner平等的合作夥伴,百分之百跟你一樣,不可能。」