Tsai Rejects "One Country, Two Systems" in Speech|國慶談話 蔡:拒絕一國兩制 國人最大共識

President Tsai Ing-wen's 2019 National Day address was titled "Nation of Resilience, Forward into the World." She started out by talking about the threat of China. Tsai then said that she rejects the principle of "one country, two systems," declaring it was the greatest consensus of the nation's 23 million people.

President Tsai Ing-wen's 2019 National Day address was titled "Nation of Resilience, Forward into the World." She started out by rejecting "one country, two systems," saying it was the overwhelming consensus of Taiwanese people.

If we were to accept "one country, two systems," there would no longer be room for the Republic of China's existence. As President, standing up to protect national sovereignty is not a provocation -- it is my fundamental responsibility.

Tsai also discussed Hong Kong, saying Hong Kong is on the verge of chaos due to the failure of "one country, two systems." She then declared Taiwan an important global model of democracy. Tsai said no one has a patent on the Republic of China and the people of Taiwan cannot stand divided.

No one has a patent on the Republic of China, and no one can monopolize Taiwan. The words "Republic of China (Taiwan)" are not the exclusive property of any one political party, and that is the overwhelming consensus of Taiwan society.

Tsai, who is seeking reelection, then went on to praise her own performance over the past three years, listing achievements like lower taxes, self-autonomy in national defense, and participation in the global community. She also said her three goals for the nation going forward are safeguarding sovereignty, building a stronger Taiwan, and actively engaging with the world.

We must continue to build a stronger Taiwan and bolster our economic capabilities. We must actively engage with the world and overcome challenges, so that the Republic of China (Taiwan) can hold its head high on the international stage with bravery and confidence.

Prior to the ceremony, Tsai received foreign dignitaries at the Presidential Office. Twenty groups totaling 317 delegates traveled to Taiwan for the National Day ceremony, including Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and Guatemalan Vice President Jafeth Cabrera. The US, Japan and Germany also sent representatives.


總統 蔡英文表示:「一旦接受一國兩制,中華民國就沒有生存的空間,身為總統,站出來守護國家主權不是挑釁,而是我最基本的責任。」


總統 蔡英文表示:「中華民國不是誰的專利,台灣也不是誰能夠獨占,中華民國台灣六個字,既不是藍色,也不是綠色,這就是整個社會最大的共識。」


總統 蔡英文表示:「持續壯大台灣,強化經濟實力,積極走向世界克服挑戰,讓中華民國台灣在國際舞台上,抬頭挺胸、勇敢自信。」