Ceiling Falls Off and Hits 6 Scooters in Kaohsiung|高雄市區騎樓天花板墜落 砸中6部機車

A ceiling outside a store in Kaohsiung suddenly collapsed and six scooters parking at the arcade were hit by falling debris. The Kaohsiung City Building Administration Office is now figuring out who is liable and how to ensure these ceilings are up to safety standards

The security camera monitoring a pedestrian path suddenly hit the ground when the ceiling collapsed. Six scooters parking in the area were hit by falling debris and almost injured nearby employees.

I was just leaving the store and sitting by the porch, the ceiling just suddenly fell down.

The accident took place outside a gift shop located on the Zhongzheng 3rd Road in Kaohsiung, and the ceiling above the pedestrian path was made with wooden materials. The lessee said that they reported to the property owner in the past after parts of the external wall tiles fell off, but they know that the ceiling decoration had quality issues as well.

I have reported issues in the past, and (the land lord) just fixed the parts of the wall tiles that peeled off. But he didn't do anything about the ceiling.

The lessee said she will check the maintenance records with the landlord. The Kaohsiung City Building Administration Office said that the ceiling of the arcade is not part of interior architecture so it is not under its jurisdiction while the police are only in charge of the traffic safety. The office said it will review the matter in hopes to come up with better ways to ensure ceilings are up to safety standards.