Two Firefighters Perish in Taichung Factory Fire|台中免洗餐具工廠大火 2名消防員殉職

A large fire broke out at a disposable tableware factory located in Taichung City's Daya District at 1:45 a.m. on Oct. 3. Two firefighters entered the building to pinpoint the source of the fire. At 3:22 a.m., it was discovered that the fire was still spreading, and the two firefighters were ordered to withdraw, but there was no response. At 8 a.m., their bodies were found.

This disposable tableware factory located on Zhonghe 6th Road in Taichung City's Daya District was empty in the early hours of Oct. 3, as employees had already gone home. A nearby resident first heard an explosion, and then saw flames consuming the factory.

I heard electric power boxes exploding, so I opened my window and looked back. I saw flames.
The fire alarm sounded at 1:45 a.m., and 100 police officers and firefighters were dispatched. Two firefighters from Xitun Branch's special rescue corps, Hsieh Chih-hsiung and Chang Che-chia, were sent into the building with thermal imaging cameras to pinpoint the source of the fire. At 3:22 a.m., contact was lost. At 8 a.m., their bodies were found.

The director of Taichung City's Fire Bureau said the two firefighters had entered the building with thermal imaging cameras and gone to the right to determine where the fire had started. At that time, this section was not yet on fire. However, the fire spread rapidly to this area due to the influence of wind and their captain immediately ordered them to withdraw. However, there was no response.

By the time we tried to take another route to head upstairs, the fire and smoke had already rapidly passed through the awning. The fire extended quickly from the awning to the building on the right as the fire needs smoke to create a channel for it to burn.

Around 3 a.m., our captain discovered that the smoke was really thick and there was the possibility that the fire had spread. He called for (the two firefighters) to immediately evacuate via two-way radio, but they didn't respond.

The fire was not brought under control until 5 a.m. There were still residual fires at 10 a.m., and temperatures remained high. Taichung City Mayor Lu Shiow-yen rushed to the scene, saying consolation payments would be made. The disaster victim assistance process would also be reviewed.

I see there are still some residual fires at the scene, so they must be dealt with. We will first get things at the scene under control, and then we will definitely do a review.

Hsieh was 33 years old and had a two-year-old son. His wife, who works with the police, is pregnant with twins. Chang was 32 years old and unmarried. The Fire Bureau says using thermal imaging cameras inside a fire to pinpoint its source, forming task groups, and sending special rescue firefighters into the scene of a fire all conform to rescue provisions and form part of SOPs. It will clarify how the fire started and investigate the communication issues based on the evidence.





第一大隊副大隊長 楊世葆表示:「當我們試圖要走別的路徑,往樓上的時候,整個火煙已經快速經由它的遮雨棚,因為火必需經由濃煙做它的延燒途徑,所以它是從遮雨棚,快速延燒到右邊那一棟。」

台中市消防局長 曾進財表示:「將近三點的時候,我們那個小隊長發現,好像煙很大,好像有延燒可能,用無線電呼叫他們(兩特搜隊員)趕快撤出來,結果無線呼叫,他們沒有回應。」


台中市長 盧秀燕表示:「初步現場要來處理,我看還有些餘火在,那我們先把現場的狀況給掌控,然後我們一定也會做檢討。」