Last in Administrative Satisfaction, DPP Demands Han to Step Down|施政滿意度墊底 韓與綠營民代交鋒

Tiffany Chien
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Commonwealth Magazine has released an opinion poll ranking leaders of the cities, counties, and special municipalities. The last place went to Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu, therefore, DPP legislators and councilors went to the city government, demanding Han to honor his promise to step down when he's not doing well.

DPP legislators and city councilors in Kaohsiung are raising posters saying the satisfaction of administrative implementations rating done by the Common Wealth Magazine had Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu came in last among all mayor and magistrates in all of Taiwan. They came to the Fengshan Administrative Center, demanding Han to keep his political promise, which is to step down if he weren't doing well.

Mayor Han needs to keep his words. He had said he would step down himself if he didn't do well. All the citizens of Kaohsiung are watching and waiting for Mayor Han to respond to this question.

Elected representatives of the DPP stood in a row, demanding Han Kuo-yu to step down directly and don't wait for the removal. Han, who was hosting a meeting, suddenly showed up in the middle of the press conference.

Are you guys finished? If you are, come inside for some coffee. Come come...

Han said all visitors are guests and welcomed the legislators to sit down for a chat. However, both sides engaged in several heated arguments.

You said it yourself, you would step down if you didn't do well. What's your answer? Are you finished? If I didn't do well, I would step down myself. I'll say it again, I would step down myself. If the citizens think that our team did not do our best, then I will step down myself. There's no question about it. Nothing like this has ever happened in the democratic history of Taiwan, but it will start with me.

DPP Legislator demanded Han to respond if he would step down, but Han responded by saying the city is still in a huge debt from the previous government. The new government is trying hard to fill the gap, promoting bilingual education and other policies to take care of its citizens. Han stressed that he accepts the result of the poll and admitted the team needs to reflect and review what it has done. Two sides seemed to be talking to themselves rather than to each other. In the end, Han excused himself from the scene by saying he needed to go to a meeting while some city councilors still shouting in the background and demanded Han to apologize to Kaohsiung.


民進黨立委 劉世芳表示:「韓市長要履行他自己曾經講過的話,他有曾經提到過,如果他做的不好的時候,自己就會罷免自己,那我們所有的高雄市民,眼睛都睜的很大,耳朵也張的很開,想聽聽韓市長怎麼回答這一題。」




民進黨立委賴瑞隆 vs. 高雄市長韓國瑜表示:「你自己說過的,做的不好的話,你會自己罷免自己,你的回答是什麼? (講完了沒有?) 我做的不好,我會罷免我自己,我再重申一遍,我會罷免我自己,市民朋友如果對我們的團隊,認為打拚的不夠,努力不夠,我當然可以罷免我自己,沒什麼問題,台灣民主史上,沒有發生過這個事情,就從我身上開始,沒有問題。」