Two Typhoons Bring Unstable Weather in All Taiwan|玲玲、劍魚雙颱接力 全台天氣不穩定

The 14th typhoon of the year "Swordfish" was formed on the morning of Sept. 3. The Central Weather Bureau estimated the typhoon will come close to Taiwan around Sept. 7 but many variables could affect its path. As for typhoon "Lingling", it is expected to come close to the southeast of Taiwan on Sept. 4 and Sept. 5.

The passenger ferries are carrying loads of tourists back to Taitung Fugang Fishing Harbour from the Green Island at 8 am. The sea is rough due to the circulating currents in Typhoon Lingling's periphery, causing some people to be sea sick and vomited. Some tourists say they are worried about being affected by the typhoon and have returned to Taitung City earlier with their travel plans affected.

He threw up. We were going to come back tomorrow. (You were going to come back tomorrow? Is your travel plan affected?) We will adjust our plan once we get back to the main island.

The passenger ferries operating between Taitung City and the offshore Green Island have added 8 extra ferries on Sept. 3 to bring back about 2,000 tourists back to Taiwan due to Typhoon Lingling. The passenger ferries from Taitung City to another offshore island, the Orchid Island will suspend its services after 1 pm until Sept. 5. The fishing boats are also back at the Fugang Fishing Harbor. Non-stop typhoons have made the fishermen unable to go out to the sea for business, leaving them quite helpless.

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) says currently, there are two typhoons on the sea. No. 14 Typhoon "Swordfish" is estimated to be close to Taiwan on Sept. 7, but due to the lack of obvious steering currents, there are still variables in its route. No. 13 Typhoon Lingling will be the closest to Taiwan between Sept. 4 and Sept. 5. The circulating currents in Typhoon Lingling's periphery will bring rain to all of Taiwan starting Sept. 4.

The Pacific high pressure system will start to diminish tomorrow. We don't know if it will diminish to the extent as the data have shown. If it doesn't, then the typhoon route will be moving closer to Taiwan, in other words, as the typhoon moves north, its intensity will grow and the storm radius will increase. We are monitoring the effects of the typhoon continuously.

The CWB says Typhoon Lingling and Typhoon "Swordfish" are located within the same low pressure belt. It is expected that the weather will be unstable starting Sept. 4. Currently, Typhoon "Swordfish" is estimated to be moving north north-east toward Fujian Province of China and will not have any impact on Taiwan's weather in a short period of time.


遊客表示:「他吐了、他吐了,本來預定是明天回來。(明天回來啊?後面行程會被打亂嗎?) 會,就我們回來本島再更改。」



氣象局簡任技正 伍婉華表示:「明天開始減弱的太平洋高壓,它是不是如所有的資料所預期,如果它減弱得比較沒有那麼弱的話,會讓颱風移動的路徑,會稍微向台灣地區偏,另外就是颱風北上過程中,它的強度會再增強,相對而言暴風圈也還會再擴大,對我們的影響是我們持續在觀察的。」


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