New Problems Found with Apple Sidra|蘋果西打又出包 2千c.c寶特瓶有懸浮物

Last year, contaminants were found in popular beverage "Apple Sidra"and tests showed the presence of yeast. Recently, the company yet again received customer complaints about "suspended matterials " in its 2-liter bottles. To protect consumers, New Taipei City's Department. An estimated 1.66 million bottles are now expected to be removed from shelves by Aug. 24th.

This is a 2,000 cc bottle of "Apple Sidra" manufactured by Oceanic Beverage Company. A seal has been affixed to the cap, prohibiting its sale. On Aug. 22, the company informed New Taipei City's Department of Health that it had received customer complaints regarding "suspended matter" in 2,000 cc bottles of Apple Sidra, and it took the initiative to cease production of the problematic product. All products manufactured between Mar. 5 and Aug. 18 will need to be removed from shelves and recalled.

Yang Shu-chin
Director, Food & Drug Mgmt. Division, Dept. of Health, NTC

This time, there were two batches. The factory conducted rapid screening tests, and the problem appears to be caused by yeast.

The department said last year, contaminants were found in Apple Sidra and tests showed the presence of yeast. As the company failed to report this incident, it was fined NT$2.2 million. Now, something similar has occurred. Anyone who purchased products from the problematic batches can apply for a refund or exchange by bringing the receipt or product to the vendor where the product was purchased. Meanwhile, consumer protection officers criticized the company for having two sets of standards and being insincere, as vendors can refuse to refund or exchange products from batches dated March to June that have been opened.

Wang Chih-yu
Consumer Protection Officer, New Taipei City

To use harsh words, I think this company is only allowing refunds for what they discovered. It's only allowing refunds for what it has discovered so far.

The department says it has already tested products with the same specifications, and it will receive the results after 10 days. If the products are found to be spoiled or contaminated, it will fine the manufacturer in accordance with the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation. There are an estimated 1.66 million bottles of the problematic product that need to be removed from shelves and recalled. They must be removed from shelves by Aug. 24 and recalled by the end of September.



新北市衛生局食藥科長 楊舒秦
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新北市主任消保官 王治宇
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