New ID Cards to Feature Flag, Security Features|新身分證樣式有國旗及國名 待政院核定

The Ministry of the Interior is encouraging everyone to replace their ID cards with a new version and there has been debate over whether the national flag will appear on the new card. The design and format have already been sent to the Executive Yuan for approval. According to rumors, the flag will appear on the front of the card on the top left corner. The words "Republic of China Identification Card" also appear on the card. The ministry is unwilling to reveal any details but the Executive Yuan says nothing will be confirmed until discussions have been held and the design is approved.

There has been debate over whether the national flag should be on new ID cards. According to reports, the flag appears on the top left corner of the new version along with the words "Republic of China National Identity Card." Overall, the look is similar to the submission that won the ID card design contest last year.

The entire promotion of digital ID cards -- we will continue promoting them. We will wait for the Executive Yuan to confirm everything tomorrow before we announce relevant details to the public.

The new cards will be distributed starting in October 2020. The cards have a production cost of under NT$200 and citizens can choose a "multifunction card" that integrates their ID card with their national health insurance card and driver's license. With data security a concern in today's day and age, the new cards will feature more than 20 anti-counterfeiting, privacy and security features. The Executive Yuan is expected to review the new design as soon as the 22nd.

There are reports the Executive Yuan will meet to review the new ID card case as soon as the 22nd. Will this make it onto the agenda (for the 22nd) and will formal discussions be held? It is unknown at present time, because the agenda has not yet been set.

The new ID card will also feature eight functions including virtual world identity recognition and digital signatures for online registration services. User consent and password input will be required for secure data access.


內政部次長 陳宗彥表示:「整個數位身分證的推動,我們會持續推動,相關細節,我們會等明天行政院院會,經過院會確認之後,我們會對外來做說明。」


行政院發言人 Kolas Yotaka表示:「有關數位身分證案,在明天的院會是否會排入議程,進入正式的討論,目前還不確定,因為議程未定。」