Control Yuan Calls on Foreign Ministry to Correct HR Decision|趙怡翔接駐美政治組組長 監院糾正外交部

A few months ago, Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu appointed his aid Vincent Chao as the head of the political division at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Washington. Most of of the debate about Chao taking up the position revolves around whether it is appropriate for a person with limited experience in International diplomacy should be appointed to a seat normally held by career diplomat. The Control Yuan believes that Chao does not qualify for such position. Therefore, the Control Yuan has issued corrective measures against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on this issue.

Based on the information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we cannot accept their explanation that (Vincent Chao) is qualified (for the new position). When we say "qualified", it means all candidates must contain a proper amount of experience and the same qualification for the position.

A total of 11 members of the Executive Yuan publically stated against the case and said those who agreed to issue corrective measures against the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are too cut off from society, too conservative and won't improve. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also responded by saying the Control Yuan's report is a distortion of the facts and the ministry does not accept the accusation.

監委 劉德勳表示:「依照外交部所提供的資料當中,我們沒辦法接受,他們所解釋的完全符合,我們所講的,通案式的每一個聘用人員,都必須要適用的聘用的相關年資,跟經歷的一個要求。」