Ko Says Gou Asked Him to Be Running Mate, Premier|柯自爆郭曾邀任"副手兼閣揆" 但已拒絕

Rumors are swirling about a collaboration between Terry Gou, Ko Wen-je, and Wang Jin-pyng for the 2020 presidential election. Ko recently revealed Gou asked him to be his running mate and also premier, and said he turned down the proposal. According to Ko, integration remains the political ideal, and he is against the spoils system.

There were expectations that Terry Gou, Ko Wen-je, and Wang Jin-pyng would get together on Aug. 18 in Taoyuan City to discuss a possible collaboration. However, this appears unlikely now. Ko said to let nature take its course. He also revealed that during a previous meeting with Gou, Gou proposed a Gou-Ko pairing for the 2020 presidential election and even said he wants Ko to be both his running mate and future premier. According to Ko, he turned down the proposal right then and there and told Gou that he would prefer to run for president himself than be a running mate.

I've frequently said that integration is the political ideal, or for everyone to have the same thinking. That's why we don't like the spoils system in politics. This is not what we expect of Taiwan's new politics. If I complete my term (as mayor), it will have a greater impact on Taiwan.

With regards to 2020, he (Gou) has not made any preparations to run, so I think talking now about who assumes what position or what the pairings will be involves just too much speculation.

Many variables remain in play as to a possible collaboration between the three. During an interview, Ko said he is the lion, while Gou is the tiger, and Wang is the fox. At present, it appears that Gou is the likeliest presidential candidate, and the lion and tiger are more compatible than any other pairing.

I told him, please, if you run, then I won't have to run. You need to find a good reason for me not to run. (So the lion and the tiger met. Both of them are the king of animals. Did the two of you argue or fight?) I found out that I'm quite compatible with this type of person. (So you feel you're quite compatible with him.) We're very compatible. People should be forthright, otherwise what can you do?

Ko also said that if Gou decides not to run, then the only thing he can do is go home and think long and hard. He still hopes there is room for cooperation between Gou and Ko, and that will make Taiwan a better place.


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「我常說政治最理想,還是理念結合,或是說大家有共同想法,所以我們不喜歡政治,變成分贓政治,這不是我們期待的台灣新政治,這樣做下去,真的把(市長)時間做滿,對台灣的影響更大。」

永齡基金會執行長 劉宥彤表示:「針對2020到目前為止,他(郭)並沒有參選一個準備,所以我覺得現在談這些,什麼樣子位置?或者什麼樣配法?我覺得我一向以來都說,都是臆測太多。」

郭柯王結盟合作變數多,柯文哲接受廣播專訪說自己是獅子 郭台銘是老虎,王金平則是狐狸,目前為止郭台銘還是選總統最好人選,獅子跟老虎還是比較合得來。

台北市長 柯文哲表示:「小弟拜託你好了,你選、我就可以不用選了,你總要找到一個好的理由,讓我不要選。(獅子跟老虎碰在一起了,OK嗎?兩個都萬獸之王,你們有吵架打架嗎?) 我發現我跟這種人還滿合的!(你覺得,你跟他滿合得來的?) 滿合得來,大家直接講,不然你要怎樣。」