Mountaineers Encounter Formosan Black Bear in Taitung|台東又現黑熊 民眾與覓食黑熊面對面接觸

On August 11, a few local residents encountered a black bear at close distance on Hongshilin road in Taitung.

On July 27, a black bear cub was spotted alone in Haiduan Township, Taitung County. The cub was then rescued by the Taitung Forest District Office. Three days later, on July 30, another bear cub was spotted walking on the highway near Nanan Waterfall, in Hualien County. On August 11, six mountaineers spotted a large Formosan black bear, which was eating the Asian taro leaves on Hongshilin Road in Haiduan Township, a relatively low and medium altitude location. The close encounter was quite a scary experience for the mountaineers.

I forgot everything when first saw the black bear. All I know is to make a sound, but I don't know what sound to make.
Formosan black bears have been making frequent appearances in these two months, and are getting closer and closer to human habitat. Some wonders if this is caused by a shortage in food in the mountains. The Taitung Forest District Office said that they will enlist help from experts to find out the reasons as soon as possible.
We will enlist the help of wild animal researchers and study the frequent appearances of Formosan black bears in this area. The goal is to gain a better understanding of why they often leave the mountains.
Liu said that, based on the activities of Formosan black bears in the recent months, Haiduan Township has become a frequent destination. She said the office will make sure local residents and mountaineers are aware that they need to make loud noises and stay calm if they come into contact with bears.
Don't be scared or scream and run away, that could lead to some pretty bad outcome. (If one comes into contact with a black bear, he or she should) keep calm and leave towards the opposite direction.
The Taitung Forest District Office said that they will visit the indigenous tribes in Haiduan Township and teach them how to prevent black bears from approaching. The office will also put up signs to inform residents to keep their distance with the black bears.
民眾 王玉芬表示:「碰到熊,我真的什麼都忘記了,我只知道要發出聲音,但是我不知道要發出什麼聲音?」
台東林管處處長 劉瓊蓮表示:「會請一些野生動物專家,然後繼續把這個熱點地區的熊的密度,做一個調查,然後也瞭解為什麼,熊最近經常會下山來?」
台東林管處處長 劉瓊蓮表示:「不要驚嚇,啊,這樣尖叫亂跑,那真的是會比較可怕,就保持鎮靜,離牠相反的方向離開。」

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