Flooding, Landslides Reported in Central Taiwan|6小時降雨逾161毫米 烏日南屯多處積水

In a period of six hours, Taichung City's Nantun District received over 161 millimeters of rain. Over in Miaoli's Nanzhung, meanwhile, a huge landslide occurred at the 22.6-kilometer market of County Route 124. In Changhua's Puyan, a resident shot a video of tornado-like abnormal weather conditions.

The southwest air flow from the typhoon wreaked havoc in central Taiwan. A huge landslide on the 11th has cut off traffic around the 22.6-kilometer marker of Miaoli's County Route 124. Repairs were still ongoing as of noon on the 12th.

That area was more dangerous -- when there was digging -- the township office is very worried about that area. When there's a lot of rain and groundwater accumulating, there tends to be more landslides.

Over in Taichung, Wuri and Nantun received over 160 centimeters of rain in just six hours. Many cars broke down with roads flooding and police spent the morning closing off roads. The chief of Nantun's Fengshu Borough says Nantun River floods every time there is major rain and the problem is clearly water resources engineering.

Water flows no matter what. If it can't be drained quickly enough and there is obstruction, it starts flowing this way. This puts pressure on the (inflatable rubber dam). You can see the dam now. The water level is rising again.

In Changhua's Puyan, a resident posted a video on Facebook of a funnel cloud in Xihu and Dayou villages that toppled trees and uprooted crops. The Central Weather Bureau says unlike tornadoes, funnel clouds don't reach the ground.

Repairs on County Route 124 should be completed by evening. In Taichung, water levels are receding and roads should reopen soon. However, everyone should remain careful.


苗栗縣議長主任 林維森表示:「那塊比較危險,就是挖的時候,現在公所很擔心就那一塊,連續下雨,底下積水很多就滑下來。」


台中市南屯區楓樹里長 陳伯仲表示:「水一定會漫過,排水不及,加上倒伏堰的截面積擋在那裡,水一定會漫到這邊來,水下來它(倒伏堰)拉拉拉,你現在看倒伏堰,現在水又上來了喔!」