Clashes Ensue Amidst Riots in Hong Kong|香港三罷 入夜後再現白衣人攻擊示威者 | 公視新聞網 PNN

Clashes Ensue Amidst Riots in Hong Kong|香港三罷 入夜後再現白衣人攻擊示威者

On Aug. 5, Hong Kong was hit by widespread strikes that brought chaos to much of the city's transport network, including the Airport. Thousands of demonstrators blocked roads in several districts. In Tsuen Wan district there were men dressed in white carrying long sticks attacking protesters. Later on, Hong Kong police end up firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

Some people who dressed in white showed up on the streets, held clubs and chased after the protestors in black. After a strike on Aug. 5 ended at 7 pm, some protestors still lingered on the streets. In Tsuen Wan district, people dressed in white chased and hit the protestors in black shirts with clubs. Later on, those in black shirts retaliated. Some protestors also surrounded the people in white shirts, both groups were bloodied during the confrontation.

Reporters. (From which news outlet?)

The police tried to disperse the crowds and break up fights with tear gas in Mong Kok and Sham Shui Po district. Police also shined flash lights on reporters to hinder them from taking photos. One intern reporter was hit by a tear gas canister in the head and was left bloodied. A reporter from the local news outlet Ta Kung Pao was detained after trying to protect the intern, and he was later on released.

One of our reporters was hit by a tear gas canister. He began to bleed from the left of his forehead. I set up a protective net nearby to stop local residents and police from approaching. I was suspected of assaulting the police and taken away.

By 11 pm on Aug. 5, a total of 24 people were hospitalized due to various injuries. By 2:30 am on Aug. 6, the police mobilized an armored vehicle which slowly drove across Nathan Road. There was no more protestors by that time.




大公報記者 周峻峯表示:「我們有個攝影記者中了催淚彈,他應該是左邊的額頭受傷流血,我負責在附近做一個保護網,希望那些市民跟警察不要走過來,我之後被懷疑襲警,就被帶上警車。」