Protestors Attack LOCPG, Smear Paint on National Emblem|反送中昨遊行一度包圍中聯辦 警強勢清場

The Civil Human Rights Front in Hong Kong mobilized another march on July 21. After the peaceful march ended in the afternoon, thousands of portestors gathered outside the Chinese liaison office throwing eggs and spray-painting graffiti on its walls. They were later driven away

On the evening of July 21, clashes broke out between police and protesters in Sheung Wan district, about one kilometer away from the Chinese Liaison Office in Hong Kong. Riot police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters. Many were arrested following the chaos. After a peaceful march ended on July 21, around a thousand protestors headed to the Chinese government's liaison office. They sprayed racial slurs on the walls, vandalized the building and defaced the national emblem.

We urge the government to stop leading Hong Kong to the brink of destruction and work together with the people to bring our city back to a united, democratic and free, just society.

The spokesperson of the Hong Kong government expressed severe condemnation at the demonstrators and said their action is a direct challenge to national sovereignty. The spokesperson of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of China's State Council also denounced the protestors' action, calling it a challenge to the bottom line of the "One Country Two Systems" rule and that the criminals will be punished.

The biggest difference of the latest protest is that we're targeting the Chinese Liaison Office, because we think Hong Kong's government can no longer make their decisions. That's why we target the Chinese Liaison Office. Though there might be more danger, we still believe we need to take the extra step.

The Civil Human Rights Front said that if Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam does not respond, it will mobilize more protests. The next protest, they said, is scheduled on July 27, and the protestors will march from Hung Yan to Kowloon District. The one after that will start from two locations, Junk Bay and the Extension of Island Line to Western District. According to reports from the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, Hong Kong police could resort to image recognition software to identify protestors. The report claims that the police have identified 700 protestors who attacked the Legislative Council and took part in the clash against the police in Sha Tin district. Most of these protestors are under 25, many are students in high schools, universities, and students who study abroad.