Tainan Park Shut Down Following Two New Dengue Fever Cases|台南登革熱新增2病例 活動範圍東區公園

The Tainan City Dengue Fever Prevention Center announced two more cases of domestic dengue fever infections on July 22. This brings the total to 14. The two new cases are from the same family and live in East District's Chongming Borough. Their activity area overlapped with the 12th case at East District's Barclay Memorial Park. Therefore, Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-cher and his administrative team have decided to close the park for two weeks effective immediately due to public health and safety considerations.

Workers sterilize Tainan's Barclay Memorial Park after it was identified as a possible source of dengue fever infection. On the 22nd, the Tainan City Dengue Fever Prevention Center confirmed two new cases of dengue fever. The patients are father and daughter. Three of the other four members of their family are not showing any symptoms while the fourth is waiting for additional test results. As the activity area of the father and daughter overlapped with another patient at this park, the city has decided to close the park for the time being.

The 12th patient also visited the park. After the mayor found out about this, he said we should consider temporarily closing Barclay Memorial Park.

A 60-something resident of Cianjhen District's Xishan Borough in Kaohsiung, meanwhile, has also been diagnosed with dengue fever. While 40 of 44 cases in Kaohsiung have been dengue virus type 4, the man was just the fourth case of dengue virus type 2. The Kaohsiung City Government is worried about cross-infection and higher risk if both strains break out at the same time.

A total of 19,723 people were infected during the type 2 outbreak in 2015. There were 112 deaths. We could be seeing more this year in both the number and ratio of severe cases and deaths. All community water containers should be emptied within 48 hours of rain.

As it has been raining heavily across southern Taiwan in recent days, the government is reminding everyone to empty water containers to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.


台南市衛生局長 陳怡表示:「第12例同樣都有附近公園運動活動史,巴克禮公園其實在疫情(傳出後),市長知道後,市長裁示,要考慮休園。」


高雄市衛生局簡任技正 潘炤穎表示:「對於104年第2型的大流行,總共感染人數1萬9千723例,死亡人數112人,今年有可能在重症跟死亡病例比例上面,都會比較嚴重,因此,在社區環境一個整頓,特別在雨後48小時內,呼籲一定要確實的動手。」