Ko Wen-je Goes Head-to-Head with DPP|不滿綠營攻擊 柯文哲火力全開批評蔡政府

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je goes head-to-head with the DPP again. Ko was resentful towards DPP's continuous criticism and blamed President Tsai that the reason for the Kaohsiung Mayor Han kuo-yu to gain such popularity is because she did not do her job well. Premier Su Tseng-chang had said previously that Ko did show his support for President Tsai's re-election. Ko said that the DPP had elected a candidate to run for the 2018 Taipei Mayor election and used Ethan Gutmann's allegation against him. Ko criticized Su is shameless for what he had said.

Any politician should do what his or her job requires him or her to do. We should stay at our post and do the best we can.

President Tsai Ing-wen, who is currently on a diplomatic tour has responded to Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je's criticism on how she doesn't understand what the people are saying. This response has led Ko responded furiously.

If President Tsai has done a good job as president, would these things happen? Would the "Han wave" appear? So to answer, if you haven't done a good job as the president, if there's no compromise, were you able to attend the Summer Universiade opening ceremony as president of the Republic of China? What did you think was going to happen?

Upon hearing the media asked about Premier Su Tseng-chang said Ko did express support for President Tsai's re-election as the president, Ko was furious and criticized Su.

After the 2018 Taipei Mayor election and what happened with Ethan Gutmann, I can only say that what Premier Su said is shameless. I have to be rude and fight back. It's just shameless.

Ko not only made the remarks against President Tsai and Premier Su, he had also pointed out that Lin Fei-fan, who recently took the job as the deputy secretary general of the DPP, is a left-wing hipster who supports Taiwan's independence. His reason for joining the DPP is just to get a job.

What's the cruelest thing you've ever heard? The cruelest thing would be "just to get a job." I honestly think it is normal for people to get a job after graduation. But a lot of mayors haven't graduated and have already moved on to the next job. I think that is abnormal.

Lin was being sarcastic about the two mayors of Taipei and Kaohsiung wanting to elect for president even though their term of office has not ended. Lin said that he chose to join the DPP to build a "non-Han environment". He worried that if Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu were to be elected president, it would destroy all the progress and reform.

總統 蔡英文表示:「任何政治人物都應該在現在崗位上,做自己的工作,我們應該在自己崗位上,做最大的努力。」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「如果蔡英文把總統工作做好,會有這些事情嗎?會出現韓流嗎?所以第一個要回答就是,你自己總統都沒有做好了,如果沒有一些妥協,你有辦法用中華民國總統身分,上去(世大運)開幕嗎?妳以為是怎樣?哼!」


台北市長 柯文哲表示:「在2018年台北市長選舉以後,又發生這這種葛特曼事情,現在蘇貞昌這樣講,我只能說實在是有夠不要臉,我也不客氣回擊。(你為什麼覺得?) 就有夠不要臉。」


民進黨副秘書長 林飛帆 vs. 廣播主持人 周玉蔻表示:「(你聽過最毒辣語言是什麼?) 最毒辣語言可能就是找份工作吧!其實我覺得坦白說我覺得,畢業找份工作很正常,但是有很多市長沒畢業,就要找下份工作,那比較不正常。」