CWB Issues Land Warning for Typhoon Danas|丹娜絲東偏北轉撲向台灣 氣象局發布陸警

Tropical Storm Danas was formed and will continue to head towards Taiwan. The Central Weather Bureau has issued a land warning at 11:30 am and it is expected to have the greatest impact on July 18 and 19.

Swells have been striking coastal areas in Hualien as Tropical Storm Danas approaches from the south-easterly side of Taiwan, moving in a north-westerly direction. The Central Weather Bureau issued a land warning at around around 11:30 am on July 17.

We have issued a land warning for Taitung and Hengchun Peninsula, and parts of Pingtung. We expect the peripheral systems of the tropical storm to affect Taiwan tomorrow.

According to the Central Weather Bureau, the storm's peripheral effect is set to bring intermittent showers to northern and southern Taiwan. The storm will deliver downpours in Hengchun Peninsula as well as eastern Taiwan. The rain is expected to get worse as the night goes on. The storm is estimated to have the greatest impact on Thursday and Friday. Taitung, Hualien, and areas in Taiwan's southern region should prepare for severe rainfall. Experts said that tropical storm Danas's predicted path and structure is similar to that of Typhoon Kong-rey in 2013, and it is also spring tide on Friday, thus citizens in the central south and lowlands region should stay alert to prevent disasters triggered by heavy rains.

After which its south side will attract the moisture from the south-westerly winds, the strong convection flows it brings will impact the central south region. The rainfall is expected to be quite evident for the central south area.

Experts also warn that another low-pressure area with heavy clouds has formed on the west side of Tropical Storm Danas, and it could also bring heavy rain. The public is reminded to be vigilant on schedule changes in sea and air travel and the mass transport system.


氣象局預報員 黃椿喜表示:「已經針對台東和恆春半島、還有屏東部分地區,發布陸上颱風警報,預計明天颱風的暴風圈,就可能影響到台灣的陸地。」


天氣分析師 吳聖宇表示:「如果這個情況不變的話,它逐漸北上之後,它通過台灣的附近 繼續往北之後,它也是南側會引進比較旺盛的西南風的水氣,它的強對流可能就會對著中南部的陸地來,到時候可能中南部的降雨狀況,也會滿明顯的。」