Taiwanese Team Excelled at 2019 Universiade |世大運奪佳績 體操隊.射擊隊凱旋歸國

As of press time, Taiwan has received five golds, nine silvers and five bronzes, a total of 19 medals for the 2019 Summer Universiade in Naples, Italy. Some of the athletes have come home from Italy to a hero's welcome.

Taiwan's Pommel Horse Prince Lee Chih-kai and Gymnastic Prince Tang Chia-hung were photographed by the press at Taoyuan International Airport wearing their medals won at the 2019 Universiade. The gymnastic team has made the team's history with a total of 2 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze.

I have achieved my goal, which is to win the pommel horse gold medal. I'm thrilled to have won twice in a roll. The next goal will probably be the Olympics in Tokyo. I will fight for the chance to be in the Olympics during the World Championships.

With a perfect landing, Tang Chia-hung has won Taiwan's first Universiade gold medal on high bar.
The National Taiwan Normal University and Teacher Wong have given me a lot of instructions so I can perform harder routines in the final round instead of simpler ones. With the experiences from previous competitions and finishing up with this one, it makes me very happy.

The shooting team has also excelled in the Universiade with 3 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze. Liu Wan-yu and Yang Kun-pi who won the gold medals in the trap shooting event, said the medals were hard come by.

It is a bit exhausting to ride in the car for 1.5 hours everyday just to get to the shooting range. But it's because of this, we tend to grasp the moment and do our best. It's sort of an inspiration for us.

It was strenuous to sit in the car for so long and only had two days of practice. I had to adapt and adjust to the best I can be.

Kuo Kuan-ting and Yu Ai-wen have won the 10 meter mixed air pistol gold medal at the 2019 Summer Universiade. As of July 10th, the Taiwanese team have won a total of 19 medals with 5 gold, 9 silver, and 5 bronze.


世大運鞍馬金牌選手 李智凱表示:「跟自己預設的目標,就是鞍馬項目,這樣二連霸其實真的很開心,下一個目標,大概就是東京奧運,十月分的世錦賽,就會積極去爭取奧運資格。」


世大運單槓金牌選手 唐嘉鴻表示:「整個台師大翁老師也給我很多方向,讓我可以從簡單的套到進決賽,變比較高難度的套,經過前面幾次比賽經驗然後完成,我覺得非常開心。」


世大運射擊金牌選手 楊昆弼表示:「每天都坐一個半小時的車,到靶場有點累,但其實因為這樣的因素下,讓我們更能夠把握當下,努力往前衝,應該算是激勵的方式。」

世大運射擊金牌選手 劉宛渝表示:「坐車勞頓,然後就是利用兩天練習的時間,把這個狀況適應了,把自己調整到最好。」