Tiles falling Off of Building Exterior Causes Car Damage|彰化市大樓外牆磁磚脫落嚴重 車輛紛遭殃

The exterior tiles on this apartment building in Changhua City have been gradually falling for the past few years. Since the cost of a renovation will be split between all tenants, the renovation plan has been on hold since the building's management committee never had the chance to get consent from all tenants. Under the building Act, the city government will begin to issue fines if the building continues to pose a danger.

The exterior has come loose for this apartment building near the Changhua Railway Rear Station. Although the building's management committee has installed safety nets to prevent the falling tiles from causing damage, some cars that are parked around the building still sustained damage on their windshield.

The falling tiles have smashed the windshield. This will cost a few thousand dollars to fix. (What now?) What should I do? I'll talk to (the management committee) and figure out whether they will be responsible (for the damage).

The residents in the community said that the tiles on the building's exterior have been loose since the 921 Earthquake. In recent months, the heavy rains and fluctuating humidity has exacerbated the situation. The building's management committee said they've been trying to fix this problem but they weren't able to get the consent from all tenants.

Almost all the tiles have fallen off in the last few years. It'll cost about NT$20 million to renovate the entire exterior, which comes to about NT$60,000 per household. We announced the plan during a recent tenant meeting, but it was not approved by all tenants.

The owners of the building should shoulder the responsibility and cost of maintaining the building's structural integrity and safety. If fallen tiles cause property damage or injuries, the owner must bear the civil and criminal responsibility.

Changhua County government's Department of Economic Affairs said that, although the management committee installed safety nets and put up warning signs, it still bears the legal responsibility if the fallen tiles cause any damage or accidents. The county government has asked the office to rectify the issue, or it will face fines of up to NT$300,000 according to the Building Act.


附近住戶表示:「砸下來破掉,玻璃要好幾千元。(這樣要怎麼辦?) 要怎麼辦?跟他講要怎麼辦,他有辦法負責嗎?」


社區總幹事 蔡先生表示:「這幾年脫落得差不多了,重新再來拉皮,將近要兩千萬,有經過住戶大會,每一戶幾乎要分攤六萬元,但是一直沒有通過。」

彰化縣建設處使管科技士 陳信宏表示:「建築物的所有權人,他應該要去維護建築物的合法使用,跟結構設備安全,它磁磚掉落導致車輛,或者是人員的傷亡部分,他會有相關的民事跟刑事責任。」