Railway Stabbing Highlights Police Shortage|密閉車廂閃躲空間有限 鐵路捷運警風險大

The Taiwan Railways stabbing incident resulted in the death of an on-duty railway police officer. Being a railway police officer comes with no small risk. Railway police officers say regular police officers have guns, but railway and MRT police are subject to gun usage restrictions due to fear of stray bullets hitting passengers. Railway and MRT police officers are not allowed to use their guns unless an assailant is carrying a "powerful lethal weapon." Currently, railway and MRT police are only given stun guns, which can be used from a far distance. As such, they are considered safer than police batons.

A rail passenger wielding a weapon confronts the police. He is subdued with a stun gun.

Taipei City rapid transit police are equipped with batons, tear gas, stun guns and pistols. However, they are only permitted to use their pistols under certain circumstances.

If an assailant is carrying a weapon that is confirmed to be really lethal, we may use our police pistols, which are more lethal, to suppress (the assailant).

Traffic police sometimes have to deal with aggressive drunk drivers, but are only allowed to use their batons even when drivers get violent. They can only use their pistols when the driver has a pistol himself or during narcotic inspections. Officers performing drunk driving checks often work alone, which means a sudden attack puts their life in jeopardy.

For example, (traffic police) are more likely to be alone when they are on traffic violation patrol. If they encounter, for example, someone with a firearm, it may be more dangerous for them.

(Railway police) are always on patrol in pairs. However, the officer in this case was on backup duty. During backup duty, officers may be alone. This may have to be changed.

The Taiwan Police Union says the fatal stabbing highlights the railway police manpower shortage, and training and safety programs may have to be reevaluated and reinforced.



北市捷運警察隊大隊長 陳金城表示:「手槍的部分,如果這個歹徒他持有的武器,確實是很具有殺傷力的,我們可能就會使用,比較殺傷力的這個警槍,來做一個反制。」


北市交通大隊中隊長 王銘祥表示:「譬如說他取締交通違規的時候,是比較容易一個人在做一個值勤,有遇到如果說有民眾拿槍的時候,可能會比較危險。」

警察工作權益推動協會監事 黃約農表示:「(鐵路警察)他們巡邏一定是兩個人,但是我們今天,去處理事情的這位員警,他是備勤下去處理,那備勤他就可能只有一個人上去,這個部分可能也是之後,可能要再加強。」