Tunnel of Nine Turns Reopens After Shuting Down for 6 Years|封閉6年 太魯閣國家公園九曲洞重新開放

Taroko National Park's famous destination "Tunnel of Nine Turns" has been closed for six years. After spending over NT$ 100 million to add protective netting and open-cut tunnels, the "Tunnel of Nine Turns" is finally open again.

On hearing that the "Tunnel of Nine Turns", which has been shut down for six years, is re-opening, many travelers specially traveled over to admire the majestic beauty of the canyon. What the tourists are most curious about, are the newly added open-cut tunnels in areas where falling rocks had often occurred. They say they feel safer now.

This is the first time the "Tunnel of Nine Turns" is opened after 6 years, maybe many children haven't had the opportunity to visit this place, that's why we especially came here to visit.

When I see these architectural structures, I feel very safe.

The "Tunnel of Nine Turns" trail was once part of the Central Cross-Island Highway. It was made into a trail after the "Tunnel of Nine Turns" was built in 1996 and that section of the highway was no longer in use. However, due to frequent falling rocks, Taroko National Park shut it down and spent over NT$100 million to enhance the area's safety. Currently only the west side of the tunnel heading east 700 meters and back are open. The east side of the tunnel is still closed.

As the entrance of the open-tunnel for the "Tunnel of Nine Turns" is quite narrow, it can only allow drop-off and pick-up. If tourists are driving, they can try the parking lots at the nearby Lushui, Tian-hsiang and He-liu area. There are also shuttle buses to service the public.

Taroko National Park Management stresses, that the construction this time is mainly to build scenic open-cut tunnels, scenic trails with views of the water and public toilets. To maintain smooth traffic, parking is prohibited on the west side opening of the tunnel. Meanwhile, buses will make 46 trips every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to service the public.


遊客 李先生表示:「六年來第一次開放九曲洞,可能很多小朋友,沒有到過這地方來,那我們就特別來這邊看一看。」

遊客 謝先生表示:「看到這些建築結構喔,就覺得說有非常安全感。」


太魯閣國家公園布洛灣管理站主任 陳寶匡表示:「九曲洞名隧道這個入口因為狹小,只提供遊客臨時的上下車,如果搭小客車的話呢,可以就近也在綠水、天祥、合流,這地方找停車場,然後當地也有公車能夠接駁。」