49,119 Sign up AST for College, All Time Low|指考4.9萬人報考創新低 重考人數7年新高

July 1 was the first day of the Advanced Subjects Test, one of Taiwan's main university entrance examinations. This year, a total of 49,119 people signed up, which is again a record low. However, the number of repeat test takers turns out to be the highest in seven years. Topics such as Dengue Fever, GPS tracker and optical tweezers are all included in this years physics exam.

Parents rallied outside the examination halls and cheer on their offspring. Today was the first day of the Advanced Subjects Test. First day's test subjects include physics, chemistry, and biology. Some students were not happy with their scores in the GSAT, another college entrance exam earlier this year, that's why they're taking this test. Those from the affiliated senior high school of National Taiwan Normal University collectively dress in their school's white T-Shirts to show their determination.

Our slogan shows that we're ready to take on the battle that is the Advanced Subjects Test.

As the bell rings, the students enter the classrooms and await for exam booklets. The students who came to the exam location late run their way into the classrooms. Some students said that they've never seen the questions from this year's exams, others said that this year exam was easier than the mock tests.

Multiple choice question no. 20 was pretty hard, I think. It's a question on kinetics and acceleration. I don't think I've tackled questions like this before.

The really hard questions are the ones on the acceleration of a solar sail in space. I think the test (as a whole) is not that hard, and it can tell their abilities.

The physics test this year includes questions related to Dengue fever, the GPS function of mobile phones and optical tweezers, and invention that won the Nobel Prize last year. The questions in this year's test are more closely related to real-life issues. Core competency questions account for 30 percent of the total exam questions, whereas the traditional questions, such as those that require complex calculations, are less in number than in past years' tests.

Among the non-multiple-choice questions, there are more questions that require diagram drawing, they account for 10 points. There are less questions on calculation. This is the first time in ten years (that we've seen so many questions on diagram drawing).

A total of 49,119 people signed up for this year's exam, the number once again was an all-time low. On the other hand, there are 8,296 repeat test-takers, the most in seven years. A repeat test taker said that he studied medicine in university, but later on, found out that he preferred informational engineering and electrical engineering. That's why he decided to start over.







試務召集人 沈青嵩表示:「在非選擇題部分,降低計算比重,增加作圖題型,占分高達十分,是近年來指考題型中前所未見。」