Day 2 of EVA Air Flight Attendant Strike|長榮罷工今運能5成 航班取消影響1.5萬人

  A large-scale strike continues at EVA Air. The largest private-owned airline in Taiwan plans to cancel 71 flights on June 21 and maintain about 50 percent of its operating capacity. The strike is estimated to affect about 15,000 travelers. On the morning of June 20, the Deputy Minister of Transportation and Communications and general manager of EVA Air made an appearance at the Taoyuan International Airport to monitor the flow of traffic. The General Manager of EVA said that the company will sue the employees for illegal strike. 
As the strike by EVA Air flight attendants enters its second day, at least 71 flights have been canceled on Friday. Deputy Minister of Transportation and Communications Chi Wen-jong made an appearance at the Taoyuan International Airport this morning to oversee the airline's response to the strike.

Please use your QR Code to get a number and to get to know your place in line. (For instance, his number is 517.) (Look inside, his number of 614.) We'll call on the numbers of 10 people at a time.

Long lines of passengers are forming at the EVA Air airport counter. The airline's General Manager, Clay Sun, made a surprise appearance to check on the ground staff. He also apologized to the passengers for the inconvenience. Sun stressed that the airline will file a lawsuit for the illegal strike.

When we were negotiating (with members of the union) in Taipei, they just left. And then the union shouted about wanting to negotiate rationally outside the door. We don't understand their attitude and their stance, or just what they want exactly. It's as if the union members in Taoyuan are not wanting the same thing as their colleagues in Taipei.

The official website of EVA Air has opened up a section to allow passengers to check on the status of their flights. Due to the ongoing strike, 45 of the 96 departing flights scheduled on June 21 have been canceled, and 26 of the 95 arriving flights are canceled. The airline estimates that it is operating on 50 percent capacity, and over 15,000 passengers are affected by the strike. EVA Air said it will do its best to transfer its passengers to other airlines. EVA Air's domestic and regional subsidiary, Uni Air, will be maintaining its normal flight schedules.

I will get on the first flight (back to Taipei) to oversee the situation.

Minister of Transportation and Communications Lin Chia-lung is currently visiting Belize, one of Taiwan's diplomatic allies. He has cut his visit short to fly back to Taiwan due to the strike. Lin is likely to return on June 22. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the Civil Aeronautics Administration have asked EVA Air to work with Taiwan's China Airlines as well as airlines from abroad to manage the passenger traffic. The government said it will work with other airlines to mobilize additional flights and larger planes if necessary.






長榮官網也設置罷工專區,提供民眾查詢航班,受到罷工影響,21日原定從台灣出發的96航班、取消45班;回程原本有95航班,取消掉26航班,僅維持五成運能,長榮航空預估將影響一萬五千名旅客。 長榮航空表示,會盡最大努力將旅客簽轉至其他航空。立榮國內線則維持正常飛航。