Amendment to Referendum Act Undergoes Discussion at LY|立院臨時會 公投法修法綠營列重大議案

A special session of the Legislative Yuan opens to review the amendment to the Referendum Act. However, part of the amendment proposal mandates that all citizens who give their signatures in support of a given referendum must present a photocopy of their personal ID. The DPP has decided to remove this article from their proposal, and instead demand all voters to verify their identity through an online platform. The opposition party KMT believes the move is politically motivated, and said they haven't ruled out boycotting the amendment.

Legislators of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have been waiting outside the Legislative Yuan for the ad hoc meeting since last week. During the meeting, legislators from DPP and the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) did not reach an agreement after a discussion on the amendment of the Referendum Act and the personnel of grand justices. The two parties then proceeded to vote on the next step of the meeting. One of the articles proposed by the DPP mandates that all who give their signatures in support of a given referendum must present a photocopy of their personal ID. This part is highly controversial, therefore the DPP has decided to remove it from the proposal.

Another topic of this discussion is that the Central Election Commission (CEC) should reference voting laws from other nations and put in place policies that prevent fraudulent activities during elections.

Annette Lu and former President Chen Shui-bian both believe the referendums should be held on the same day as an election. Therefore we are strongly opposed to the idea of decoupling the two.

The KMT expressed their opposition to the DPP's proposal of decoupling the referendums from the elections. KMT legislators said the DPP's proposal is politically motivated and that the KMT does not rule out the possibility of boycotting the amendment. Members of a local NGO also held a press conference to call on both major parties not to amend the Act in a hasty manner.

We believe the first phase of the review period should last for 4 months, and if any corrections need to be made, another two months are needed. The second phase of the discussion period should last at least 6 months.

Members of the minority New Power Party called on both Major parties to support Hong Kong's anti-extradition protest. They also call on the government to enact laws that prevent China from overtaking Taiwan.

Other than supporting Hong Kong, we need to work hard ourselves. Because the Chinese government's threat and ambition to overtake Taiwan has never dwindled.

Members of several political parties have voiced their support for the protest in Hong Kong. They will collectively make a decision on the matter after discussing it with government departments.


民進黨團總召 柯建銘表示:「另外一個決議就是,要求中選會去參考其他國家的制度跟作法,如何對於防偽作假部分,如何落實這個配套措施。」

國民黨團總召 曾銘宗表示:「呂秀蓮或是陳前總統,都希望公投綁大選,但這一次要把它解開,所以我們還是強烈反對。」


人權公約施行監督聯盟召集人 黃嵩立表示:「我們認為說,第一階段的審查的時間,應該是四個月,那如果要補正的話,再加上兩個月,而第二個階段的這個審議的時間,應該至少要六個月。」


時力立委 黃國昌表示:「聲援香港之餘,我們自己也要努力,我們自己也要加油,因為中共政府對於台灣威脅,對於台灣侵略的野心,從來都沒有削減過。」