Nantou Rescue Personnel Sent on Wild Goose Chase|統計:南投去年500件謊報誤報 浪費救護資源

The Nantou County Government Fire Bureau's command center received a report about two men who had been shot in the village of Qingshui in Zhongliao Township. It urgently sent two ambulances, but could not find the injured persons. It suspects the caller has made a false report and wasted public resources.

The ambulances travel along the dark and winding roads. In the late hours of June 5, the Nantou County Government Fire Bureau's duty command center received a call about two men who had suffered gunshot wounds. It immediately dispatched ambulances, which traveled at top speed to the reported site of the incident in Zhongliao Township. However, personnel were unable to locate the two men, and concluded that it was a false report. They sarcastically described the situation they encountered.

It was a false report. Wow, these false reports are so rare.

Firefighters drove around and even questioned local residents along the way, but could not find the alleged victims. Emergency medical technicians tried to call the person who had made the report, but were unable to make contact. At this point, they determined it was a false report. The caller had phoned the duty command center to report two victims of gunshot wounds in Zhongliao Township's Qingshui Village, and added one victim's life was in danger. The fire bureau took the report seriously, and dispatched two ambulances, one from Zhongliao Township and one from Nantou City.

We spent over two and a half hours searching at the scene. The police and the command center were in contact the whole time, but we didn't find the situation that the caller reported.

The bureau says Zhongliao Township only has one ambulance, and the other had to be dispatched from nearby Nantou City. The township has a large area, and a single trip from Nantou City to Zhongliao takes about one hour. After it was determined the report was false, the ambulance had to return to Nantou City, which was another hour wasted. The bureau says false reports not only waste labor resources, but also create a gap in which there will be no ambulances available to those in need.

It wastes the labor resources of our firefighting bureau. If ambulances and fire trucks from one area are dispatched, and then we receive another call about an incident in that same area, then we have to send resources from more distant areas.

Statistics compiled by the fire bureau shows the 119 emergency phone number received around 500 false or fictitious reports in 2018. These types of reports not only waste rescue resources, but also prevent people who are in real need of treatment from getting transferred to hospitals in time. The bureau hopes to identify the caller through phone records. Those who violate the Fire Services Act can be fined NT$3,000 to NT$15,000.




南投縣消防分隊役男 蕭名彥表示:「大概(到現場找)過了,兩個半小時左右時間,透過員警、跟指揮中心去聯絡,但都沒發現報案人所講的案件。」


南投縣消防局副局長 陳興傑表示:「浪費我們消防的人力,對於轄區部分裡面,因為救護跟消防車派遣出去之後,我們再(原轄區)接獲其他案件,必須從更遠的地方來派遣。」