Dragon Boat Festival Inspires Paddy Art|苗栗苑裡"巨型龍舟"彩繪稻田 遊客驚豔

Every year, the paddy art created by the Yuanli Farmers' Association in Miaoli County attracts numerous tourists. Past designs have included yellow ducks, the goddess Mazu, and leopard cats. This year, farmers used rice varieties of four different colors to create an enormous dragon boat.

This aerial view shows a dragon boat inside a rice paddy, charging through white-colored waves. The boat is carrying zongzi, sticky rice dumplings eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, and has Chinese characters urging people to have a good time during the festival on top. Tourists admired the art.

A dragon boat? (It's a dragon boat, right?) Yes. It's probably a dragon boat.

It really resembles one. Now that you mentioned it, I can see it more clearly.

This paddy art was created by combining rice paddies planted with rice varieties in different colors, green, yellow, white, and purple. It is the work of Miaoli County's Yuanli Farmers' Association, which says it designs different patterns every year between the first and second cultivations to attract tourists. It adds this year's dragon boat design proved to be extremely challenging.
The head of the dragon and the scales are very detailed. We had to pay close attention to the combination of colors while creating them to ensure they would be easy to perceive.

Designs in past years included yellow ducks, the goddess Mazu, and leopard cats. The paddy art will be viewable until July, and tourists are reminded to take advantage of this opportunity.


民眾表示:「龍舟吧!(龍舟,對不對?) 對,應該是龍舟。」



苑裡農會員工 李忠祐表示:「尤其那個龍頭跟鱗片的部分,都是非常細節,在做的時候,顏色的搭配,都要非常的注意,不然會看不太出來。」