Hidden Unification Dangers in Chinese Exchange Program: MAC|救國團暑期兩岸青年交流 評估就學就業趨向

The China Youth Corps has organized cross-strait youth exchanges this summer. The cost of the eight-day, seven-night Shanghai tour starts at just NT$5,000 and the tour is targeted at high school students. In response, the Mainland Affairs Council stressed there are many hidden unification dangers in pursuing studies or jobs in China. The council reminded the China Youth Corps not to contravene the law.

Many students travel overseas during their summer break. The China Youth Corps is currently promoting its summer cross-strait exchange programs at colleges and universities. Critics say the China Youth Corps may be endorsing unification with China.

It is purely an exchange. There are no (political) factors at play here. The program does not include, for example, the unification (indoctrination) the Mainland Affairs Council keeps talking about.

The China Youth Corps' summer programs include an eight-day, seven-night tour of Yunnan for high school students priced at NT$22,000. The program is sponsored by the Taiwan compatriot association in Kunming City and will take students on visits to colleges and universities in Yunnan. The other option is an eight-day, seven-night tour of Shanghai priced at just NT$5,000. The Chinese Culture Friendship Association is sponsoring the program and covering the cost of food, accommodation and transportation. Critics say association President Zhao Shaohua previously served as vice minister of culture and deputy director of a Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference committee, and she could be planning to use the opportunity to brainwash Taiwanese students with Xi Jinping's ideology.

If you have mainland educational institutes brokering the recruitment of students, then of course they should be suspected of contravening the law.

The China Youth Corps says the organizer of the programs is the China Youth Culture Foundation for Mainland China Studies, an independent entity, and it is only assisting. It also said students are able to think for themselves in the internet age and aren't so easily manipulated. In response, the Mainland Affairs Council warned the China Youth Corps not to contravene the law. It also said it will ask the Ministry of Education and schools to remove all program information from campuses. The council also warned students and schools to be careful of falling prey to "unification manipulation."


救國團總團部秘書處視察 黃振愷表示:「只是純粹的交流,並沒有內容,我們的活動內容,沒有包括,譬如說什麼樣,就是不涉及那些,就是陸委會所說那些統戰啊,或者是這些方面的東西,沒有這樣的顧慮。」


陸委會發言人 邱垂正表示:「如果有涉及到,為大陸教育機構來仲介,來就學的話,那當然可能有觸法之嫌。」