Anti-Same Sex Marriage Groups Form New Party|反同團體宣布組黨 目標參選立委進入國會

The same-sex marriage special law officially went into effect on May 24 and many couples registered on the first day. However, anti-same sex marriage groups held a press conference to express their unhappiness with the same-sex marriage amendments. They also announced the establishment of a new political party and a goal of getting representation in the legislature in the next legislative election.

We didn't know the Pro-Family Referendum would turn out like this. We didn't know legislative power would be used on May 17 to trample upon the results of the public referendum like this. What we saw was that if we don't have representation in the legislature, there will be no way to implement judicial reform and overturn the chaos. These are the major factors that led us to decide to start our own party.

Sun Chi-cheng says he himself will run for legislator in New Taipei City District 12 and he will interact with people all over Taiwan. The party plans to put together a list of 10 or more districts and at-large legislative nominees. Sun also says he is running not for the purpose of winning a seat but rather for the purpose of winning back the family unit.

安定力量主席 孫繼正表示:「愛家公投,我們不知道結果會這樣,我們也不知道517的時候,公投會被三讀,司法這個踐踏立法權,那我們看到,如果我們沒有進入國會,這樣的一個司改亂像,是沒有辦法可以落實的,因此剛剛我講的地方,加上我剛剛講的中央,就是真正鼓勵我們組黨,最大最大的原因。」


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