Stalemate in CEC Meeting While Lai Lists Proposal|中執會無初選共識 民進黨下週三再議

Tiffany Chien
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The deadline for the coordination between its two candidates for its presidential primary has ended. On May 22nd, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has called a meeting discussing the schedule for the primary and the details of conducting a poll. The meeting was live streamed which was a first. Former Premier William Lai showed up at the DPP headquarters after the meeting was adjourned and spoke about the new solution. The DPP Chairperson Cho Jung-tai hopes to hold another CEC meeting on May 29, which was criticized by President Tsai Ing-wen's camp as forfeiting the primary mechanism.

We will continue the discussion next Wednesday during the CEC meeting. Please come to the meeting. This meeting is adjourned.

The Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP) Central Executive Committee (CEC) decided to broadcast its meeting live with discussions on the presidential primary for the first time. However no mutual understanding was reached before the meeting ended around 7 p.m. on May 22nd. Former Premier William Lai appeared suddenly at the DPP headquarters, offering a new solution.

If President Tsai Ing-wen defeats Han Kuo-yu in the poll, I will unconditionally support the president to be our party's candidate and her bid for a second term. If I do not defeat Han, I will fully support President Tsai as well. If I defeat Mayor Han, and Mayor Han defeats President Tsai, then I'm asking the President and DPP executives, along with all party members, support me in the presidential election.

With the sudden appearance of Lai, Tsai Ing-wen's Primary Campaign spokesperson Juan Chao-hsiung criticized the party chairman Cho Jung-tai for favoring one candidate over another and forcefully ended the CEC meeting. Such behavior is deemed as forfeiting the CEC.

Chairperson Cho has forcefully ended CEC's discussion to allow one candidate to show up and propose solutions and called a press conference at the DPP headquarters. Does this not raise questions about the fairness in the primary process? This is like forfeiting the CEC and forfeiting the democratic mechanism.

The meeting was adjourned because the chairperson did not want to call for a vote today. We are hoping to hold another CEC meeting next week with no change in dates for the DPP poll which will take place on June 10th. We will discuss his proposal to see if it's viable.

It was originally thought that a consensus would be reached in the meeting on the 22nd, it seems the schedule is going to be delayed. With the DPP primary in a stalemate, it seems the party is further divided before it can be united.

民進黨主席 卓榮泰 (2019.5.22)表示:「好,我想還有問題就下次再講,下禮拜三再開中執會,還是請大家繼續來,散會。」


前行政院長 賴清德 (2019.5.22)表示:「如果小英總統贏了韓國瑜,我沒有條件支持蔡英文總統繼續競選連任,如果我沒有贏韓國瑜,我也會全力支持蔡英文總統,如果我贏了韓國瑜市長,韓國瑜市長又贏了小英總統,我請小英總統還有黨中央、黨內的同志能夠支持我。」


蔡英文陣營發言人 阮昭雄 (2019.5.22)表示:「卓主席強行中斷中執會的討論,讓單一候選人趕來提案,並在黨中央正式召開記者會,這樣的偏袒難道不會被質疑初選辦理的公正性嗎?這無異於沒收中執會,沒收民主機制。」

民進黨祕書長 羅文嘉 (2019.5.22)表示:「之所以這樣是(卓榮泰)主席希望不要動用到表決,原則上是希望在六月十號,進行總統民調的日期不變的狀況下,然後下禮拜再開一次中執會,就今天他這個提議,看可不可行,有沒有空間來進行討論。」