Kaohsiung Ranked Lowest in Child Safety Ratings|靖娟調查:高市學童安全 六都評比分數最低

An annual comprehensive child safety report done by the Jing Chuan Child Safety Foundation has revealed that out of the six special municipalities, Kaohsiung is ranked the lowest in the child safety rating scores, with the transportation safety rating being the last among all.

The little girl climbs into the child car seat and buckles right up once she gets into the car. Her parents say they've been teaching the child the correct rider's safety rules since she was little. A child safety study done by the Jing Chuan Child Safety Foundation has revealed that children in Kaohsiung had rated themselves as the least safe among all 6 special municipalities, especially with regards to transportation safety.

If we do not enforce the law strictly, the general public would still rely on luck about not getting caught. Sometimes according to our observation, some parents gave in to the child. Some children just love to sit in the front.

This safety study encompassed how parents, children and child experts view the safety ratings in the living environment, school, public places and transportation. As far as how the children in all of Taiwan view their own safety, more than 20 percent has reported that cars don't yield to children and children who are under 12 years old sit in the front. More than 10 percent has reported that no safety belt was used and there was an overload. As a whole, Taichung ranked as the highest among the 6 special municipalities and Kaohsiung ranked as the lowest, with transportation safety being rated the lowest by the children. More than 30 percent has reported children under 12 sit in the front, misuse of the safety belt and car seats.

We always give him rides to school, so there won't be an extra person who can sit in the back to accompany him. When we go out, we'll drive another car, and his car seat is in the back.

You have to train the child, once it becomes a habit, he or she will be willing to sit by himself/herself.

We've never run into police checks. No law enforcement unit has ever checked us.

While some parents think the law enforcement should be stricter in checking the safety conditions, other parents think there would be certain difficulties in carrying out the task. The city government has reported it will corporate with relative governmental bodies to strengthen the safety rules and enforce children under 12 must sit at the back and use a safety belt.


靖娟文教基金會社工處處長 林慧華表示:「一般的民眾,他如果沒有加強執法的話,有些時候還是會有一些僥倖的心態,或者是我們的觀察,有些時候家長會比較難拗過孩子,有時候孩子很愛坐前座。」




家長表示:「(沒有警察臨檢過?) 對,都沒有執法單位在檢查。」