47 Jet Skis Return from Exchanges at Ishigaki, Japan|47輛水上摩托車前進石垣島 壯舉成功

In an effort to promote Hualien's tourism industry as well as exchanges between Taiwan and Japan, close to 100 riders took off on 47 jet skis from Hualien Harbor on May 9, and headed to Ishigaki one of Japan's outlying islands. The one-way distance to the island is 275 kilometers, the riders had to ride for a total distance of more than 600 kilometers to overcome unsteady sailing conditions and they returned to Taiwan on May 13.

One after another, the jet skis make an appearance at Hualien Harbor, marking the successful return from their trip to Ishigaki, Japan.

(Are you happy?) I'm quite happy about it. (How long did you ride?) Almost six hours.

On May 9, a total of 47 jet skis and riders from all across Taiwan congregated at Hualien Harbor. They traversed a route measuring 275 kilometers to Ishigaki, Japan in an effort to promote Hualien's tourism industry. They returned to Taiwan on May 13, concluding an arduous five-day journey.

Although we checked the weather forecast, which predicted that the waves would raise to up to 1.2 meters, we encountered waves up to 3 meters during our journey. Thanks to our training, we were able to handle the unexpected situation.

Due to the unsteady sailing situation, the total distance of the two-way trip added to more than 600 kilometers. The team also had to deal with 2 of their jet skis breaking down during the trip and eventually managed to finish the journey.

The feeling of concluding the journey is great. This has been an extraordinary challenge. We are all very happy.

The last time the riders went to Japan for an exchange was 2012. The successful completion of this journey also marks another successful effort in grass-root diplomacy, and the team hopes they can get to do it again in the future.



來自全台各地水上摩托車一共47輛,9號從這裡出發,橫越275公里到日本石垣島進行交流要推廣花蓮觀光,13號終於返台,五天內來回 真的不容易。

水上摩托車協會理事長 林信吉表示:「我們雖然看了氣象,海浪是在一米二,但出去的時候,都是兩三米,不過呢!因為我們平常受到的訓練,足以應付這些突發的狀況。」


女團員 顏彤凌表示:「太棒了那種感覺就是完賽了,然後是一個非常,第一次的挑戰真的是,我們真的都很開心。」