Mayor Ko Denied Anti-wiretap for Classified Info Leakage |市府機密頻外洩 柯否認下令反竊聽檢測

Tiffany Chien
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Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-Je was reportedly furious about the leakage of government information and had begun to strike back by ordering the Department of Government Ethics (DOGE) to start "anti-pinhole cameras and anti-wiretap testing". Mayor Ko expressed on May 2nd that he did not give this order but had confirmed the leakage of classified information.

Security guards are constantly stationed outside the Taipei Mayor's office on the 11th floor and keeping a close eye on the people who come in and out of the office. Taipei City Mayor Ko had complained about the leakage of classified information, where even unconfirmed decisions had been exposed. It is reportedly that Ko had asked the Department of Government Ethics (DOGE) to start "anti-pinhole cameras and anti-wiretap testing" starting this month.

Ever since I'd been elected Mayor, there has always been a leakage of classified information. So why not just be open and straightforward about it. You can ask the Department of Government Ethics (DOGE) to answer this question. I did not order them to do such thing.

Mayor Ko denied ordering the DOGE to carry out an anti-pinhole camera and anti-wiretap test. The DOGE said the open-spaced nature of the city government benefits the general publics, but it has to prevent people who use high-tech methods to steal official classified information for their own interest. Starting from 2008, the Department will coordinate with the judicial police department to carry out the test once a year. This year's test is scheduled in May.

This testing is a routine check and we will ask the key government officials if the testing is required. If he thinks such testing is necessary, we will then carry out the test. It is not a obligatory.

The DOGE also expressed that the routine test did not lead to worries of white terror in the city government and that the Mayor has to give consent before carrying out the task.The test is mainly performed for the Mayor and department heads' offices, and no wiretap devices have ever been found.
台北市長 柯文哲表示:「自從我當市長以後,我就是,我們老是消息走漏,所以乾脆公開透明。(反竊聽?) 叫政風處出來回答吧,我又沒叫他做這件事情。」
台北市政風處長 沈鳳樑表示:「這個檢測是例行性的,而且是先經過問過機關首長,他有沒有需要?如果他認為有需要,才去檢測,並沒有強制性。」