Mother Gives Birth After Losing One of Two Feti|萬分之一的幸運 懷雙胞胎流產保一胎

Ms. Chen from Taichung  has not been able to carry a child since she was married four years ago. She tried in vitro fertilization last year and was pregnant with twins. However, she suffered from a premature birth during week 17 of her pregnancy and lost one of the fetuses. After two and a half months of hospital tocolysis, she managed to keep the other fetus alive. Doctors say that there is only a one-in-ten-thousand chance in Taiwan that one of the twins could survive after the other dies from a premature birth.

Ms. Chen is caressing her five-month old baby. The baby had a difficult journey: Ms. Chen didn't manage to carry a child during the first four years of her marriage, and only managed to get pregnant with twins through in vitro fertilization. However, one of the feti was born prematurely, in week 17 of her pregnancy.

This baby was hard to come by. All I hope is that she'd grow up safely and healthily.

One of the feti could not be saved despite the doctors tried for three days. For the other fetus, the doctors tried to keep its condition stable via operation, and performed a Caesarean section in week 27 of Ms. Chen's pregnancy. The baby turned out to be a girl, and was in good health despite weighing merely above 1 kilogram at birth. The doctors said that it's very difficult to keep twins alive when one of them is born prematurely, and that they managed to save one of the two feti because they are fraternal twins.

Normally, after one of the two feti is born, the mother's placenta will begin to come off. In this case, however, the placenta remained and we felt that we could try to keep the condition of the remaining fetus steady. Therefore, after we cut the umbilical cord, we disinfected the remaining cord for the other fetus and we shoved it back to the mother's birth canal.
The doctors said it's very rare to be able keep one of the feti alive after the other one dies. The chance of survival in Taiwan is less than one in ten thousand.
After the mother's water broke and gave birth to one of the twins prematurely, the chance of saving the other twin (is minimal). Ms. Chen was lucky since she had fraternal twins, so there was a chance to keep the other baby stable afterwards.
The doctors said that due to the low birthrate and increasing average age of marriage, many women are hoping to have twins. However, in vitro fertilizations bring certain amounts of risk to both the mother and the baby and needs be evaluated by a doctor on whether it's feasible before performing the procedure.
婦產科醫師 李茂盛表示:「一般來講(雙胞胎其中一個)生下來以後,這個胎盤都會開始會剝離,不過它(留存下來的胎兒胎盤)沒有剝離,所以判斷,是不是能夠保一下,所以我們將那個臍帶剪斷後,然後再將把它(留存下來胎兒的臍帶),清洗乾淨,用消毒乾淨以後,再將這個臍帶,再塞回她的陰道(產道)裡面。」
婦產科醫師 廖敬慈表示:「是雙胞胎一個破水生下來之後,再安胎成功的機率,那因為她還好,她是一個異卵雙胞胎,第一個胎兒娩出之後,還有機會安胎。」

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