TRA Sets to Begin Selling Standing Tickets on May 2|普悠瑪.太魯閣號5/2起賣站票 限當天購買

Taiwan Railways Administration has announced that it will begin selling standing tickets on its new Puyuma Express and Taroko Express trains for its Tze-chiang express train service starting on May 2. In the past, the TRA did not sell standing tickets, citing safety reasons. It explains it changed its mind in order to better meet the demand during peak seasons after confirming there were no safety issues.

Passengers who have not yet found a seat walk unsteadily along the aisle of this Puyuma-class train. At present, Taiwan Railways Administration does not sell standing tickets on its Puyuma Express and Taroko Express trains for its Tze-chiang express train service, because these are tilting trains that travel at high speeds even when turning, and therefore there are safety considerations. Recently, however, the TRA announced it will begin selling standing tickets for Puyuma-class and Taroko-class trains starting on May 2 in order to make more tickets available to the public. The limit is 120 tickets per train, and the price is the same as seated tickets.

Puyuma-class trains sway a lot, so I have some misgivings over the safety.

I think it's a pretty good idea, but other measures need to be executed well.

Those who frequently travel on Puyuma-class trains say they often feel unsteady when walking the short distance from their seats to the restrooms, and they can't imagine what it will be like to spend the entire journey standing. The TRA says it conducted detailed safety tests before making this decision. In December 2018, it also commissioned an independent testing company to conduct tilting and curving tests based on the weight of a Puyuma-class train at the full capacity of 372 seated passengers and 120 standing passengers, and the results showed it was safe. The TRA says Puyuma-class trains normally have eight carriages, which means there will be 15 standing passengers per carriage.

It won't be crowded inside the train if there are 120 standing passengers. The conductor will be able to walk freely around. We made this decision to meet the needs of those who aren't able to purchase seated tickets, and there are no safety issues.

It will be hard for conductors to check tickets, and they won't be able to really examine every single ticket. When there are many people standing together, there might be some without tickets and some with standing tickets.

The Taiwan Railway Union, which is composed of conductors and station personnel, says the TRA tried selling standing tickets during peak holiday travel periods in the past, creating difficulties for conductors. They found it hard to clarify if people had standing tickets or no tickets. In response, the TRA says the standing tickets are meant to narrow the gap between supply and demand for travel in eastern Taiwan during peak travel periods.




常搭普悠瑪列車的旅客說,平常在列車行進間起身到洗手間,就感覺站不穩,更何況是長途站立,對此,台鐵強調,全面販售站票前經過縝密的安全測試,去年十二月委託獨立驗證單位測試,以普悠瑪滿載372人,再加上120人站票的重量進行"傾斜測試" ,"彎道測試" ,確認安全無虞,台鐵說,若以普悠瑪八個車廂來計算,每個車廂約站15人。

台鐵營業科長 王文謙表示:「120張的站票在車廂裡面,是不會擁擠的狀況?列車長是可以順利在車廂走動,是為了疏運民眾,買不到有座位的時候的需求,所以這是沒有安全上的問題。」

台鐵產業工會理事長 王傑表示:「車長他也不好查驗票,他也不可能說每一個人,他真的都去查,那麼多站的人,有可能是沒有票的,也有可能是有買站票的。」