Huge Crowds at Tax Bureaus on May 1|報稅第一天! 各地國稅局湧現人潮

May 1 was the first day of the tax season and huge crowds descended on National Taxation Bureaus all over Taiwan. This year, the government implemented a new taxpaying system increasing the four major deductions and basic living expense. It hopes these tax-saving items can be felt by office workers and small families when they file their tax returns.

May 1 was the first day for filing taxes and long queues formed at National Taxation Bureau branches around Taiwan.

I think I'm paying less this year than previous years. (Are you happy with the level of service you are getting?) It's very good.

The Ministry of Finance launched an income tax optimization program this year featuring higher deductions. The bureau hopes office workers and small families can feel grateful when they file their taxes.

Four deductions were raised, including the special wage deduction and special disability deduction from the original NT$ 128,000 to NT$ 200,000 in one fell swoop. Today happens to be May 1 or Labor Day. Because it's a holiday, there are more people here than usual. We arranged to have more volunteers and students on hand to help people file their taxes.

Five major changes were implemented this year, including a higher standard deduction, wage deduction, preschool-age child deduction and special disability deduction. The basic living expense deduction was also raised to NT$ 171,000 and taxpayers can choose between two ways to report dividend income. In addition, single taxpayers with annual income under NT$ 408,000, two-income households with annual income under NT$ 816,000, and two-parent households with two children under the age of five and annual wage income of under NT$ 1.232 million are exempt from taxes. The bureau says citizens can save time by filing their tax return online using their national health insurance card or citizen digital certificate.


民眾 陳先生表示:「我覺得已經有預期比往年少,(目前提供的服務你還滿意嗎?) 我覺得很好啊。」


財政部台北國稅局股長 呂桂守表示:「有調高四項扣除額啦!那個薪資所得特別扣除額,跟身心障礙特別扣除額,從原本的12萬8千一口氣調到20萬元,今天剛好是五月一號勞動節,放假關係人潮比較多一些些,我們現場有安排比較多志工跟學生來輔導申報。」