CEC Chair Nominee Attends Vote After Climbing in Through Window|李進勇人事案 衝突混亂中通過初審

The Central Election Commission chair post has been empty for a long time. On Apr. 24, the Legislative Yuan Internal Administration Committee reviewed former Yunlin County Magistrate Lee Chin-yung's personnel appointment case. The Kuomintang caucus did its best to block the appointment, but the Democratic Progressive Party caucus used its numbers advantage. The proceedings were very chaotic but the vote passed on the first count. The pan-blue camp criticized the way the proceedings were handled so hastily and called Lee a "three-second warrior." It also said it would block the case when it comes time for the Legislative Yuan to hold its vote.

Pan-blue lawmakers criticize former Yunlin County Magistrate and Central Election Commission Chair nominee Lee Chin-yung for his lack of political credibility. When the legislative Internal Administration Committee met last time, pan-blue lawmakers refused to let Lee into the room and the review had to be postponed. On the 24th, the head of the committee, Chang Hung-lu, abruptly convened another review in the hopes of getting Lee's nomination approved. Pan-blue lawmakers were ready at the door, but the other side had a backup plan. With the help of pan-green lawmakers, Lee climbed into Conference Room 202 through a window. A scuffle then broke out between the two sides.

Chaos ensued, with pan-blue lawmakers splashing water and both sides throwing punches and yelling. Chang then said enough people were present that the meeting could start, and the review would go straight to vote because an interpellation couldn't be held. The DPP caucus used its numbers advantage to approve Lee's nomination amidst all the chaos, and then Chang adjourned the meeting. In response, pan-blue lawmakers declared the session null and void and wouldn't let Lee leave the room. Another round of pushing and shoving followed. In the end, pan-green lawmakers formed a protective shield around Lee and rushed him out of the building.

Last time, he lasted a minute or maybe a few minutes. This time, it was three seconds. (He's a) three-second warrior.

The pan-blue camp criticized the way the review was handled, saying it was a "black-box operation" and Lee was a "three-second warrior." In response, the pan-green camp said the proceedings complied with procedural regulations.

Where did the three seconds come from? (The other version of the black-box cross-strait trade agreement.) I wish you people could stop asking us the Kuomintang's ridiculous questions. Is this three seconds?

The Central Election Commission has a lot of things it needs to improve and do. In all honesty, big problems will arise in the future if it keeps dragging on.

Afterwards, Lee wrote on Facebook that he was unable to take part in an interpellation on the 24th and summed up all the voices at the review as a call for independence and justice. He also wished all the legislators and procedural personnel well. The pan-blue camp says it does not accept the result of the vote and it will continue blocking the nomination at the legislative floor vote.



國民黨立院黨團總召 江啟臣表示:「上一次有一分鐘,有幾分鐘,這一次三秒鐘,三秒勇呀!」


記者 vs. 民進黨立院黨團總召 柯建銘表示:「哪來三秒?(服貿黑箱的翻版) 我希望你們問問題,不要拿國民黨鬼扯問題來問,這個是三秒嗎?」

中選會主委提名人 李進勇表示:「中選會有很多事情,必須要去改進,必須要去做,再拖,老實說,將來一定會出大問題。」