EPA Launches Plastic-Free Initiative|"四不塑"起跑! 夜市.景點環保愛地球

On Apr. 22, the Environmental Protection Administration convened a press conference to launch an anti-plastic campaign. The campaign calls for "plastic-free commercial districts," "plastic-free consumption, "plastic-free food," and "plastic-free activities." The EPA invited local governments and private companies to join the campaign.

A play is used to urge people to reduce the plastic consumption in their daily lives. In recent years, many businesses have voluntarily reduced their plastic usage. For example, nearly all of the 180 vendors at Taipei's Ningxia Night Market have switched to using eco-friendly tableware. As a result, their waste removal fee has fallen from NT$300,000 10 years ago to NT$150,000.

We asked our vendors to replace all their melamine tableware. Now, when you sit down at Ningxia Night Market, the tableware you use is made from galvanized iron, porcelain, or glass.

The Environmental Protection Administration launched an anti-plastic campaign on Apr. 22 that calls for plastic-free commercial districts, consumption, food, and activities. In Pingtung's Liuqiu Island, 19 beverage shops teamed up to replace single-use plastic cups with reusable cups. They allow customers to "rent" cups in one place and "return" them in another. This campaign was launched two months ago, and around 200 people rent cups on weekends and holidays.

We have always paid close attention to the conflict between eco-tourism and the environment, so we continuously promoted clean beaches and reductions at the source on the island.

They have packaging-free stores or automatic washers in their business models. All of these can help to lessen our plastic waste generation bit by bit.

EPA statistics show 20 billion plastic bags were used prior to 2002, when stricter limits were put into place. The limits were tightened twice, reducing consumption by 4.8 billion. At present, 15 billion plastic bags are used every year.
台北市寧夏夜市觀光協會理事長 林定國表示:「請我們的攤商將所有的美耐皿餐具淘汰掉,所以你現在在寧夏夜市坐下來,你用到的餐具就是白鐵、瓷器,跟玻璃啦!」
海湧工作室副執行長 郭芙表示:「一直在關注生態觀光跟環境的衝突,所以我們就一直在島上推動淨灘,跟源頭減量的概念。」
環保署廢管處長 賴瑩瑩表示:「包括他們在經營型態上面,有無包裝的商店或者是自動沖洗機,這些都可以在點點滴滴,能夠去減少我們的塑膠垃圾產生。」

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