New HIV Screening Program Reduces Risk of Virus Spreading|愛滋篩檢流程簡化 減少黑數與防疫漏洞

In the past, anonymous screening of HIV takes at least two weeks to diagnose potential patients. Some are unwilling to face their screening results out of fear and this in turn leaves a loophole in the government's prevention effort. In order to simplify the diagnosis process, the Centers for Disease Control has joined hands with 12 hospitals across Taiwan and set up the one-stop services which allow all the processes to be completed within one hour.

In the past, the anonymous HIV screening takes 20 minutes. If one is tested positive of the virus, he or she has to go through further testing at a hospital and wait for at least two weeks before receiving a confirmed diagnosis. Some members of the public do not revisit the hospital to get their diagnosis due to being busy or afraid of facing the results. This has caused many to miss out on the best time for treatment and become potential virus carriers.

If a person is tested positive of HIV but doesn't go to a hospital for treatment, the virus will destroy the patient's immune system. The patient eventually has to go to the hospital when the symptoms become obvious.

According to the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), by the end of March this year, there are more than 38,000 HIV carriers in Taiwan. The figure has grown by almost 2,000 in the past year. It's worth noting that 610 people were tested positive for HIV through the screening process, but 16 percent of them, or 99 people did not proceed to further testing. In order to accelerate the testing and treatment process, the CDC has worked with 12 hospitals and set up one-stop services which allows a person to go through screening and diagnosis in less than one hour. This allows HIV carriers to receive treatment earlier and reduce the risk of spreading the disease.

Thanks to the new technologies and service, we are now able to complete the process of HIV screening and diagnosis in the same day. The service allows patients to quickly transition to receiving treatment and prescription. This provides much convenience to the public and they no longer have to go through the grueling waiting period.

The CDC has stressed that the one-stop service is not only an international trend, it provides quick results for those tested, and also provides them with consultation service and mental support from medical professionals. This allows patients to receive treatment with reassurance. The CDC has also called on those who engage in unsafe sexual activities to test themselves at least once a year in order to protect themselves and others.


義大醫院感染管制部部長 黃俊凱表示:「假設他已經是確診,但是他沒有(就醫治療),當然這個病毒,會破壞病人的免疫力,有一天他還是會到醫療院所,那可能就是發病了。」


疾管署副署長 羅一鈞表示:「透過這個新的科技、新的服務,我們可以在當天就完成篩檢跟確診,甚至直接連結到就醫跟服藥,那這個是可以便利民眾,不用在這個等候期當中,有心理上很大的一個煎熬。」