Photos No Longer Required with CVs for Tainan Gov't Jobs|南巿推臉部平權 約聘僱員履歷不必貼照 - 公視新聞網

Photos No Longer Required with CVs for Tainan Gov't Jobs|南巿推臉部平權 約聘僱員履歷不必貼照

To promote face equality, Tainan City has signed a letter of support with the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation. Starting in May 2019, the city government will no longer require resumes with photos from job applicants. It hopes this will help the city's 98,000 physically and mentally disabled people get friendly treatment during the first phase of applying for jobs. Some private enterprises have expressed support.

Ms. Cheng is applying for a graphic design position at a kindergarten and has prepared a CV with her photo. Tainan City recently became the first city in Taiwan to promote face equality in the workplace. Starting next month, the city will no longer require photos from job applicants. It hopes the private sector can follow suit.

This will be implemented at all agencies, offices and schools under the jurisdiction of the Tainan City Government in the future.

The Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation began promoting face equality five years ago with the inception of Face Equality Day on May 17. In 2018, the campaign was expanded to municipalities across Taiwan. According to the foundation, one in eight people experience some sort of discrimination due to their physical appearance. Many with illnesses or disfigurements beyond their control want to get back to a normal life but can't get a job because of their appearance. The foundation hopes to change this.

(The photo requirement for CVs) might give (employers) a bit of insight into the applicant, but ability, attitude and experience are more important considerations from a corporate standpoint.

Some people don't submit (photos). (Would you still hire them if they are suitable?) Yes. We would (still) base our decision on their work experience.

Private enterprises say this is a step in the right direction, but job applicants still have to meet educational and professional requirements to receive consideration. The companies say photos are for reference only and not used as a primary criterion.


台南市長 黃偉哲表示:「以後呢,我們所有的,台南市政府所屬的,不管是各局處,不管是派駐單位,還是各級學校,我們通通都來響應。」


台南幼教業者執行長特助 何彥儒表示:「(履歷有照片)可能對這個人,有一點點的了解,但是我覺得就我們企業來說,能力、態度還有他的經歷,是會比較左右我們在人事方面考量的。」

台南汽車材料業者 王小姐表示:「也是會有沒附(照片)的,(如果覺得他適用還是會用嗎?)還是會用,考量喔!就是說(還是)看他的資歷。」