Netizens Protest Limited Channel Selection|網路"轉台運動" "標註"小吃店播放頻道

Does it matter to you what the TV plays in the restaurant you eat in ? Some university students have boycotted restaurants that limit their selection of news program on television. Netizens have also started a movement that advocates free channel selection. They have published the channel selections of snack shops and restaurants on a map and have questioned some shops for purposefully limiting the channel selection on their TVs.

Many in Taiwan have the habit of watching television while eating. However, some news channels have drawn protests from university students for their controversial reporting. There have also been reports that some eateries and restaurants only allows a limited selection of channels on their televisions. In response, some internet users have begun to advocate for free channel selection. Part of the movement involves marking the channels provided by restaurants on the map so customers could be aware of their choices ahead of time.

Some others students are involved in the movement. There are indeed some restaurants who are willing to allow customers to change channels. However, there are also many who don't allow.

The convener of the movement declined an interview. University students said they did notice that many restaurants only provide limited channel selections on their TVs. When asked about the issue, some restaurant owners declined the interview, and some denied that they've limited their televisions' channel selection.

A customer once asked me why does our TV frequently shows programs on channel 52 and 56. I said I had no idea.

Some other restaurant owners set their TVs to play science and educational channels in order to avoid controversy.

In order to avoid political controversy, we only play programs on Discovery channel or National Geographic.

When asked about whether television channel selections have been limited, the National Communications Commission (NCC) said in a print media article that upon initial investigation, they did not find any content providers to have locked their users' channel selections. The NCC said it will investigate fairly if they receive public complaints on the matter.




餐飲店業者 阮碧水表示:「有一次有客人說,為什麼你要看52台、56台比較多?我說我也不懂。」



坊間是否存在綁頻、鎖頻現象? NCC在平面媒體表示,初步對有線電視系統進行調查,並沒有發現業者在頭端或遠端就直接被鎖定,或排除特定頻道無法收看,若接獲民眾檢舉,會請公平會調查。